Seeking Medical Advice from Pastors and Playboy Pinups Leads to Illness (Duh)





Seeking Medical Advice from Pastors and Playboy Pinups Leads to Illness (Duh)

We leave it in God’s hands. If it is in his will that somehow we get a contagious disease, like in this case the measles, there are other ways, of course, to avoid this. If we get sick, he can also heal us from it.

I bet you can guess who said this – yep it’s a religious leader: Rev. Adriaan Geuze from the Reformed Congregation of North America in Chilliwack as reported in the Vancouver Sun. Thanks to the reverend and his medical advice, there is now a measles outbreak in Chilliwack, BC with 100 suspected cases showing up at a religious school where the vaccination rates are, of course, low.  Thanks to these folks, the measles outbreak has spread into the general population and special vaccination clinics are now being offered.

Last year, we saw a measles outbreak in Wales, there was a recent one in New York and now this one in BC. What does it take to convince people that vaccinations are necessary? At least Jenny McCarthy got a tweet full of fury when she asked “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate?” Some notable replies include:


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Fire, Feminism and Facebook by manwomanmyth

How Feminism is like fire and can be tackled in the same way. Also covers Facebook’s capitulation to Feminist demands for censorship and how O2 and Norton/Symantec block men’s movement websites, which they classify as ‘hate’ sites.

The other man is you

How quickly would misandry and its chief architect Feminism be annihilated if men truly understood that the hatred is not directed at ‘other’ men, it’s directed at every man? It’s directed at you.

On Tennis and Female Nature

Examination of what ‘equal’ prize money actually means at Wimbledon: higher pay for women for doing less work than men. Female tennis players were already earning more money per game – a LOT more – even before equal prize money was introduced. Equal prize money simply gave women a big pay rise to further increase the pay gap. Gotta love equality.

CORRECTION: at 0:38 I said:
“Surely men should be paid a full third more than women, to reflect their full third of greater court time?”
The correct statement is:
“Surely women should be paid a full third less than men, to reflect their full third less of court time?”
(thanks to dalriada842 for pointing this out)



note:  British Airways ended their anti-male policy in 2010

UK: Muslim charity that Cameron called “front” for Sharia group gets £70,000 a year in state funding

“David Cameron criticised the foundation during Prime Minister’s Questions in 2009 as a ‘front organisation’ for a radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.” Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international Muslim organization that is banned in many countries and openly works for the imposition of Sharia. Yet “the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation is being awarded grants worth more than £70,000 a year.” That’s Insane Britannia for you. Keep out the counter-jihadis and give money to the Islamic supremacists — what could possibly go wrong?



CANADA: Halifax family takes its fight against accommodation of sharia rules and Islamization to Parliament

You might recall the story of the female Aikido student who was outraged when her class instructor bowed to the sharia demands of one male Muslim student and forced the class to be gender segregated so as not to offend his religious beliefs.


The family wants the feds to stop giving taxpayer money to places like schools and recreation centres unless the organizations vow to stop allowing gender segregation under the guise of multiculturalism.

Two years ago sisters Sonja and Sasha Power were told not to touch, face or teach a brand new student in their martial arts class at a public rec centre in Halifax. The man was a fundamentalist Muslim and he refused to interact with any females in the co-ed class. The instructor accomodated the newcomer.


After a few classes, the man handed out a book on Islam that gave tips on wife beating and said women not shrouded in Islamic dress are asking for it. Mom Michele contacted the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, but says her case was rejected without explanation. The City of Halifax refuses to comment on the case.

Similar incidents have happened in Ontario. A student at York University refused to be around women and the administration caved. The cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto is converted to a mosque every Friday – girls must sit at the back of the room, the menstruating ones are totally isolated, in keeping with Islamic custom.