Who is behind ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ on campuses across the West?

answer:  the muslim brotherhood and affiliates



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Netherlands: Muslim rapper threatens to murder Geert Wilders


An article by Point Du Bascule exposing more Islamic infiltration into key institutions in Canada.


The Cowardly BBC Bows to Islam



The BBC likes to consider itself a brave broadcasting company when attacking the Catholic Church on sexual abuses (the famous BBC documentary entitled “Sex Crimes and the Vatican” consisted of 38 minutes and 57 seconds of accusations against the Vatican) or when airing a horrible live program from a clinic where doctors perform abortions.

The BBC also likes to depict itself as libertine when proposing “gay friendly entertainment” for its viewers. The CBBC, the branch of the UK public broadcaster in charge of programs for children, has launched a format for the “cultural diffusion of gender diversity”, a euphemism for gay culture.

But when it comes to gays and Islam, “Auntie”, as the British call the broadcaster, is cowardly and bows to sharia.

The British public broadcaster has just been accused of censorship after its Free Speech show, symbolically dedicated to freedom of speech in the UK, banned a part of the program which dealt with homosexuality in the Islamic world. It was to included a clip of an interview with Asifa Lahore, the most famous lesbian Muslim in England: “A question that I would like to submit to the Islamic community is: when will be right to be Muslim and homosexual?”

The question was removed after pressure from the Birmingham Central Mosque. But isn’t this a program whose motto is “Britain is a democracy where we can say what we want. So let’s say it”?

Created by the homosexual Lord Reith and with a program that recognizes equalopportunities for homosexual employees including the right to a marriage leave, theBBC has responded to criticism: “Acting on the basis of respect for the mosque, we took the decision to postpone the debate on the rights of gay Muslims”.

Wow! This is the same media source that does not hesitate to accuse other religions, Jewish and Christian, of “homophobia”, just about every day. It is the same media source that fomented a war against Russia’s Putin on LGTB propaganda.

It is the same BBC that, with the directive “Portrayal of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People”, asked its authors to introduce gay and bisexual characters in children’s programs, “in order to familiarize the young viewers with the world of sexual diversity from an early age, and support children who have to deal with the age of the formation, and that might be homosexual”.  So it is fine to be homosexual, but not homosexual and Muslim.

No one batted an eyelid about the Islamophile censorship. Not the BBC’s liberal left panel, not the Liberal Democrat peers, not the Huffington Posteditor, not the left-wing comedians, not even the trans-gender rights activists.

When the BBC introduced gay scenes in the drama “The Buccaneers”, based on a novel by Edith Wharton, historian Paul Johnson attacked the “barbaric louts” of British television. Now those barbarous louts have adopted a policy, to quote the former BBC’s director Mark Thompson, in which “Islam should be treated more sensitively than other religions”.

So, try to remember: it is okay to transmit the musical garbage “Jerry Springer – The Opera”, in which we see Jesus is “a little gay”, but it is not okay to ask uncomfortable questions about gays whow are stoned to death under Sharia law. Now the BBC just needs to host an interview in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explains that “there are no gays in Iran”.

What better proof that Western gay media and culture, puffed up with political correctness and moral arrogance, is allied with fanatical Islam.


manwomanmyth – education

Brief historical perspective on education in the UK and analysis of the differing intellectual abilities of men and women. Also looks at the expectations society has of men compared with women.

• Equality of opportunity versus Equality of outcome
• Why were there no white men in the 2008 Olympic 100 metre final?
• Why do so few women study computer science?




Nursery and Primary School

Looks at the negative impact of the feminisation of schools on boys as they start out in our education system. In particular, how are boys affected by a lack of male teachers in primary schools? Featuring Angry Harry, Michele Elliott and Stephen Fitzgerald.

• School curriculum is male-unfriendly
• No male role models in school
• Why are male teachers scarce in primary schools?
• Misandry in the education system

part 1



part 2



Secondary School

The next stage in the attack on men in education; how secondary school continues the campaign to force boys out of education. Looks at how the school curriculum has been modified to remove all elements that improve boys’ performance and the reaction from Feminists to any discussion of male intellectual strengths.

• Harvard President Larry Summers on boys’ innate abilities
• What do women bring to science?
• Double-standards in the discussion of genetic abilities
• How many female computing teachers could recognise a ZX81?
• Why are women being excessively encouraged into technical careers?

part 1


part 2




Outlines the final level of effort to remove men from advancement in education.

• Far fewer men than women are studying for university degrees
• What can women do better than men in the workplace?





Looks at the negative consequences of feminised education, not just for men, but for wider society and the future progress of humanity.
CAUTION: Broad terms are used in describing male and female abilities.

• Exam results and what they really mean in today’s education system
• Men and competition
• Coursework versus Exams
• Why girls don’t study physics