manwomanmyth – Misandry – Man Bashing & Heroic Men – Rape

The jarringly negative treatment of men in the media and how the tremendous efforts of men have allowed women to become dissociated from the realities of the world of work.

• Women journalists
• The BBC’s campaign against men — from “Women’s Hour” to “Bring Your Husband to Heel”
• What if it was a women’s world?
• F4J and the incredible restraint of men in the face of oppression
• “Institutional sexism” — what this really means
• The extreme talent, ability and work ethic of men compared with women


Misogyny 2

On women’s ideas of what skills are important in the workplace and examples of man-bashing in the media. Women’s ‘special awards’ for being women.

• How government sees women
• Women’s troubles
• Man-bashing and misandry on TV, in newspapers and elsewhere
• How would women get on without men?
• Women on the ascendancy at work
• Misandry is not only sanctioned by government, but perpetrated by it
• Portrayal of evil men on our screens
• The special Olympics for women
• Should men and women compete against each other?



Misandry – Rape


Looks into the phenomenon of rape and its perpetrators — men and women. Focuses on false allegations of rape and the consequences of allowing anonymity for women accusers but not for the men accused.

• The Women-in-constant-danger paradigm
• Date rape, drug rape and drunk rape
• Women’s fascination with rape and abuse
• Is it true that 95% of women have been sexually abused?
• The Home Office British crime survey and inflated rape statistics
• Why would a woman lie about rape?
• Spousal rape
• What rape is not
• The rape of men
• Female rapists and double standards
• Personality disorder and rape
• How risky is it for a man to be alone with a woman in a lift?

Part 1


part 2


part 3


part 4




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