White America: A brief history


white-america In 2010 the USA was 64% non-Hispanic White.


Disclaimer: This is very much a work in progress! It presents a short overview of my current understanding:

European Expansion: English Christians settled the east coast of North America in the 1600s. Most would become White Americans by the 1700s. They were part of the European Expansion, one of the largest human migrations ever.

Genocide: Unlike the Bantu Expansion, we know what these Whites did to the natives of the land they “expanded” into: those who did not die of European diseases were driven off their land, sold into slavery or killed – even women and children, even those who were fellow Christians, even those who had signed treaties. 


the_trail_of_tears_by_jjpeabody-d5m7967 Trail of Tears, 1830s

The line of White American settlement moved westward across North America. By 1900 it had gone straight across the continent, straight across northern Mexico, taking in more farm land…

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manwomanmyth – family – paternity fraud

On the enormous prevalence of paternity fraud and society’s indifference to this crime because the perpetrators are women and the principal victims are men.

• Paternity fraud and family-breakdown
• A man’s right to know he’s a father
• Female promiscuity


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