Biblical Medicine: How Religious Authorities Can Have Power Over Your Life and Death Decisions

Religious belief is on the decline in the U.S., and medical knowledge is on the increase. This makes it particularly ironic that so much of our health care system is accountable at the highest levels not to science or patient preference but to the dictates faith and of theology. Metaphorically, more and more medical decisions get made with the Catholic Bishops in the room, regardless of whether the patient wants them there. Not only that, but the Bishops have a religious veto that can trump both doctor and patient.

James Glickman from Sturbridge, Massachusetts, became a legal witness for aid in dying after watching his father scream for someone to kill him during his last forty-five minutes of life. Darcy Burner chose to end a pregnancy that would have killed her, and then advocated for patient rights during a congressional run. Judy Nicastro risked the life of one twin in utero to abort the other who would have painfully suffocated at birth. Each of these individuals, together with loved ones, wrestled with some of the most difficult decisions any of us can face. In all cases, the response of the Catholic Bishops would have been to deny them options—to fall back on the current position of the Church hierarchy: “we believe life is sacred from conception to natural death.”

Thanks to corporate mergers and laws that privilege religious institutions, many communities across the United States have few or no secular options when it comes to medical care and no legal mandate that patients be told about the full range of medically appropriate services. In Washington State, to cite one egregious example, almost half of hospital beds and affiliated care systems fall under the authority of the Catholic Church, and many counties have no alternative.

Let’s be clear why this creates an irreconcilable conflict of interest. A medical system with religious authorities and corporations at the top means the following:

· Patients kept in ignorance about the full range of medically appropriate treatments if some of these are judged to violate the theology of the provider or institution

· Providers who don’t get continuing education about medical advances that a religious hierarchy disapproves

· Pharmacies that don’t stock drugs and devices that religious owners disapprove of

· Public health dollars used to promote specific religious beliefs and the notion that “faith” is a reasonable way of determining what medical care should be provided

· A medical culture that denies the very methods of science: evidence, hypothesis testing, and accountability

· Religious institutions or individual believers given a religious veto over the deeply personal medical decisions of individual patients

· Couples denied the means to time their childbearing, which leaves more families mired in poverty

· Women denied miscarriage management or termination of pregnancy gone wrong

· Less prenatal diagnosis and a greater percent of children born with birth defects

· Families stripped of decision making power after tragic accidents because “every life is sacred”

· Dead women kept on life support as human incubators

· Higher costs to families for health treatments that are excluded from insurance

· A growing number of religious health professions who demand to keep their jobs without fully doing their jobs

· Religious allied health professionals second guessing doctors’ orders and patient requests

· A powerful lobby undermining anti-discrimination laws that protect queers and females

· A powerful lobby advocating exemptions to living wage laws and worker rights

· Soaring public health costs as a consequence of religious meddling in end of life and beginning of life decisions

· Suffering unto death aka “redemptive suffering” for people who would prefer to manage their own process and die with dignity

Egyptian cleric who instructed European Muslims on wife beating was invited by MAC – Mississauga to give a lecture on “Making Family in Islam

this and more tales from the Ummah


Egyptian cleric who instructed European Muslims on wife beating was invited by MAC – Mississauga to give a lecture on “Making Family in Islam”

Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) – Mississauga invited the Egyptian cleric and a professor of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Denawy (د. محمود حسان الدناوى), as a special guest to talk about “Making Family in Islam.” Al-Denawy’s lecture was held on February 7, 2014 at the Islamic Community Centre of Ontario

Muslim Association of Canada – Mississauga Chapter defines itself as “a religious, educational, social, charitable and non-profit organization” which “provides services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family.” The Mississauga Chapter serves Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton and Halton Hills.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) documented a religious call-in show featuring Dr. Al-Denawy featuring Dr. Al-Denawy who instructed European Muslims on wife beating. Following are excerpts from the show which was aired on Iqra TV Europe/Africa, on June 17, 2013:


Toronto Islamic bookstore recommends on a book condoning capital punishment for gays and exempting from punishment those who are convicted of bestiality


Why Palestinians have to accept the Holocaust as truth? asks editor of Canadian Meshwar Newspaper and a board member of the ‘Palestine House’

Dr. Nazih Khatatba, editor of Meshwar Newspaper and a board member of the ‘Palestine House’ in Mississauga, is harshly criticizing the Palestinian “President,” Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), for his allegedly readiness to make major concessions in the peace talks with Israel.


Following Sun News critical report, Suhail Kapoor removed from his book a chapter legitimizing wife beating in certain conditions

The book “Islam Balancing Life and Beyond”, authored by Suhail Kapoor (who was affiliated with ISNA Canada) caused a political stir in Ontario in March 2013. Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak called upon Onatrio Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi to “apologize for providing an ‘endorsement’ of a book on Islam that condones men physically punishing their wives.”

In response to the allegations against him Naqvi told the Toronto Sun that when he wrote the letter to Kapoor, he hadn’t read the book and he never endorsed it. Naqvi, who is Muslim and a former president of the Ontario Liberal Party, also condemned violence against women and said the Kapoor’s book doesn’t reflect how he was raised.

Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne stood by Naqvi’s explanation and added that she has “no tolerance for anyone advocating violence against women or anyone else.”

Kapoor’s controversial book was printed by Sana Printing Inc., Toronto. In its first edition (2008) consisted of 50,000 copies, its second edition (2009) 60,000 copies and its third revised edition (2010) 100,000 copies.

The fourth edition of the booklet, which was printed in 2013 after the controversy broke out, underwent self-censorship by the author. Apparently as a result of the public criticism Kapoor removed from the booklet the chapter titled “Does Islam allow Wife Beating?” and Yassir Naqvi’s endorsement alongside other minor amendments.






White American racism against Blacks: 1600s


01_1619_lg August 20th 1619: a year before the Mayflower lands, the first blacks arrive at Jamestown, Virginia.

Note: Whites, Blacks and Natives means the forefathers of White, Black and Native Americans, even though they rarely called themselves that back then.

By the 1610s the plantation system in Virginia was in place – before Blacks arrived in numbers. Whites grew tobacco and other crops using forced gang labour.

Working conditions:

  • pay: little to nothing
  • housing: separate, substandard
  • food: poor.
  • punishment: whippings, maiming
  • term of service: generally four to seven years.

Most workers were White. They were convicts, vagabonds, homeless, “excess poor”, Irish. They were bought and sold. Most died before they gained their freedom. They were all but slaves.

In 1619, enter Black Africans. At first they were just part of the work force. Blacks and Whites worked side by side, married each other freely, ran away…

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manwomanmyth Equality – The Glass Ceiling, Male Chavunism

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Male Chauvinism

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• The nobility of men and why men fight for us all
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