manwomanmyth – domestic voilence – 1 in 4 women

The domestic violence industry debunked by Erin Pizzey: it’s about money and Feminist control.

An analysis of the most commonly cited statistic in the domestic violence roadshow: “1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes”. Looks at the way DV has been made into a gender issue when this is demonstrably false and the reasons men are wrongly and deliberately singled out for blame.

Featuring: Erin Pizzey, the founder of the worlds first domestic violence shelter; Angry Harry, psychologist and Mens Rights activist; Stephen Fitzgerald, Director of the Mankind Initiative Mens Charity; Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics and Demos the independent think tank.

• Domestic Violence is NOT a gender problem.
• How Feminists use the issue of DV to generate income for their campaign against men
• The inflation of DV figures
• The 1-in-4 statistic for female victims of dv.
• Consensual and mutual domestic violence
• DV and the link with personality disorders
• False beliefs about the nature of DV and womens role in its occurrence
• Charities cynical bias towards women in the pursuit of income
• Police arrest policies targeting men.
• Brief look at inflated rape statistics
• The huge scale of dv funding.
• The “violence prone” woman.


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Hollywood fans posting racist flyers on a university campus


I wanted to inform the community about a poster that some students found spread out on the billboards of Little Hall and the doors of Carleton Auditorium. The following image was brought to my attention from several students who say they saw this poster while moving between classes. I called the phone number to learn that it was a prank line. Several students then accompanied me to search surrounding buildings and we were able to locate 5 posters on two different buildings.

I want to remind people how offensive and ignorant signs like these are. Throughout history, Asians in America have struggled to create safe spaces where they can thrive and contribute to society. At different points in that history, we have been labelled as “threats” to this country. We have seen this in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the internment of Japanese Americans during WW2, and in the Post-9/11 era with South Asian Americans. We’ve been called “savage”, “uncivilized”, and “dangerous”. Today’s incident reminds me that the same ignorant sentiments still exist today.

This poster perpetuates the notion that Asian American restaurant owners are somehow low class and dirty. The myth of serving these animals has been historically used to slander members of the Asian American community; making them out to be thieves who eat peoples’ pets. This stereotype is fueled by ignorance and exaggerations. You will not hear of the horrid conditions placed on early Asian immigrants who were in some instances forced to starve because of racist policies aiming to keep them subservient. You will read about the Chinamen and the Transcontinental Railroad but not learn about the strikes that left them to fend for themselves in a foreign land. You will not hear about the World’s Fair in Louisiana where they showcased indigenous Pilipinos as “savage”, while treating them like zoo animals.  Faced with these horrendous conditions, these Asian Immigrants did what they needed to do to survive.

manwomanmyth – Domestic Voilence – myth and factoids and 2 women a week

Looks at the methods by which misinformation is spread and introduces other films from manwomanmyth that deal with the most common of the various claims made by the Domestic Violence abuse industry. Features Angry Harry and Erin Pizzey.

• Norman Mailer and the definition of a factoid
• The non-validity of commonly used statistics in domestic violence reporting



Examining the frequent assertion in the UK that two women a week die from domestic violence.
Both men and women die every week due to domestic violence but only female deaths receive media and government attention. Women involved in violent relationships are typically at least as violent as their men.
Examines the murder rates of domestic violence and looks at the exclusion of men in the provision of support for DV victims.

• Consensual domestic violence
• Legislation against men including Harriet Harmans yellow card punishments for men acquitted of any wrongdoing
• Origins of violent behaviour in women and men
• Lack of support for men and their children
• Examination of the BBCs Hitting Home domestic violence website and homelessness
• The police and positive arrest policies for DV

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