manwomanmyth – domestic voilence – 1 in 4 women

The domestic violence industry debunked by Erin Pizzey: it’s about money and Feminist control.

An analysis of the most commonly cited statistic in the domestic violence roadshow: “1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes”. Looks at the way DV has been made into a gender issue when this is demonstrably false and the reasons men are wrongly and deliberately singled out for blame.

Featuring: Erin Pizzey, the founder of the worlds first domestic violence shelter; Angry Harry, psychologist and Mens Rights activist; Stephen Fitzgerald, Director of the Mankind Initiative Mens Charity; Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics and Demos the independent think tank.

• Domestic Violence is NOT a gender problem.
• How Feminists use the issue of DV to generate income for their campaign against men
• The inflation of DV figures
• The 1-in-4 statistic for female victims of dv.
• Consensual and mutual domestic violence
• DV and the link with personality disorders
• False beliefs about the nature of DV and womens role in its occurrence
• Charities cynical bias towards women in the pursuit of income
• Police arrest policies targeting men.
• Brief look at inflated rape statistics
• The huge scale of dv funding.
• The “violence prone” woman.


part 1


part 2

part 3


part 4

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