manwomanmyth- Domestic Violence – Introduction

Looks at the size and scale of the DV abuse industry and the relentless exaggeration and bias against men that has helped it grow. How the DV issue is misused by business and the police as well as by other arms of government. Also looks at the spreading definition of DV to include all manner of non-violent behaviours. Features Angry Harry, Erin Pizzey and Oliver Curry.

• What is domestic violence?
• Claims of DV in child custody battles
• The myth of the Rule of Thumb
• The male code of behaviour has always included Never Hit a Woman
• The polices special interest in DV


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part 2


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Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City to pay $800K for ‘Good Time’ plagiarism

2014 another year started with music thiefs.


A little-known singer/songwriter has won a $800,000 windfall after a judge ruled she should see some of the profits from Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 Owl City collaboration Good Time.

Singer Ally Burnett sued the singer, Owl City and their label for copyright infringement, claiming the hit heavily sampled her tune Ah, It’s a Love Song.

The judge in the case agreed, and he has ordered music bosses at BMI, the company that collects the royalties for Good Time, to pay up to the tune of $804,156.

manwomanmyth – Equality – Conclusion

Looks at the impossibility of achieving equality as defined by Feminists. Equality of outcome is a logical impossibility when dealing with men and women. Suggests that the concept of “sexism” needs to be revisited. Men and women are different and we need to address these differences fairly rather than pretending that they don’t exist.

• Massive discrimination against men in the pursuit of equality
• How many girls grow up dreaming of becoming astronauts?
• Government’s unrealistic approach to equality
• The rise of women in the workplace
• Is “diversity” overrated?
• Sexism is appropriate more often than not
• A permanent gender war