ManWomanMyth – Equality – War

“Explores men’s incalculable sacrifice in wars past and present and how modern-day society attempts to elevate lesser female sacrifice to the same level. Be aware that strong and sometimes disparaging language is used in this film, as well as broad terms, because I think that the nature of the topic warrants such freedom of expression.

• Men in World War 1 and 2
• In history, how many women have demanded the equal right to conscription?
• The nobility of men and why men fight for us all
• Women in the military and affirmative action
• Womens cowardice versus men’s cowardice
• International Anti-Violence Against Women Day
• Womens love of diamonds and the deaths of men that result”

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part 2

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ManWomanMyth – Equality – Toxic Women

“The toxicity of women in the workplace. The dangers to men and business-owners of female employees as regards work output, complaints and litigation.
Also looks at the selfish and sexist behaviour of women in government.

• Is working with a woman the same as working with a man?
• Can a small business afford to hire a woman?
• The fundamental difference in objectives between small business compared with large business
• Women-only shortlists for parliament
• Labour women MP’s say that the recession is worse for women…
• Can women in parliament represent everyone or only women?”