Brian Lilley & Tarek Fatah – Pandering to Islam

The West is being attacked by Islam and for some strange reason is paying for the priviledge.



Tarek Fatah & Anthony Furey – The Left’s alliance with Islamofascism




Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch – Dec 31, 2013




Published on Aug 19, 2013

Tarek Fatah:

Justin Trudeau participating in a women-free ritual Islamic prayer, dressed in a crisp Shalwar-Kameez attire to complete the pandering of a mysoginyst gathering of homophobes — at Calgary Islamic School (CIS).

Straight from the horse’s mouth- feminists aka feminazis declare all vaginal sex is rape!

after years of denial saying they don’t believe this. the truth is finally out. this is basically saying all men are rapists

here is the blog article.  looking at the comments section the blog author is not alone

i will not link to it you have to copy and pasted it in the URL bar if you want to read it

Nutty Mom Murders Her Own Daughter As Christmas Present For Her Absentee Husband!

commentary by tommy sotomayor

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obese black woman stab fiance over argument over wedding colours


Teen leads her boyfriend to his death(2012)