Female students banned from speaking at Islam seminar

Female students banned from speaking at Islam seminar and forced to walk through separate ‘sisters only’ entrance at leading London university

  • Female students had to write questions down at Islamic society event
  • Men present raised their hands to be addressed by guest speaker
  • Women had to enter through separate entrance at Queen Mary University
  • Students at University of Leicester were segregated at Muslim seminar
  • David Cameron this week addressed segregation at university events

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Teacher to student: You can’t be Santa — you’re black!

The family of an African-American high school student in New Mexico says he’s crushed after a teacher questioned why he was wearing Santa garb during a school holiday dress-up day last week,CNN affiliate KOAT reported.

The teacher told Christopher Rougier, a freshman at Cleveland High School, that he couldn’t be Santa because Santa is white, the student’s father, Michael, told KOAT.

“He was embarrassed,” he told the station.

Now, his son doesn’t want anything to do with Christmas.

Michael Rougier said the teacher called his wife to apologize, but that’s not enough.

“He needs to be fired,” Rougier told KOAT. “For him to make a comment like that, there has to be at a minimum prejudice in him, and we don’t have room for that.”



Afraid of ‘bridenapping,’ Kyrgyzstan woman seeks asylum


IF ALBINA Kurmanbekova returns home, she has many prospects for marriage.

Not marriage as we understand it, however. More than a dozen Muslim men have threatened her with “bridenapping,” forcible marriage that is indistinguishable from kidnapping, rape and slavery.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, where “bridenapping,” a gross violation of human rights, is the national sport played by men and endured by women.

That’s not what Albina wants, that’s what she fears – and that’s why she has filed for asylum in the U.S. She’s living with the family of her aunt Mira Kasymkulova on a quiet Holmesburg street. Kasymkulova has been in the U.S. for 15 years and translated for Albina, whose English is weak.


Albina arrived in the United States in June on a work-and-travel visa, and when that became known, 13 Muslim men, posting on Russian Facebook, threatened to bridenap her if she ever returned, one of them vowing to snatch her right at the airport.

Albina decided never to return, even if that meant not seeing her parents and three younger sisters again. In America, she had seen a way of life in which women are not chattel.

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Queensland abattoirs hit with thousands in Halal certification fees

Abattoirs in Queensland are having to fork out up to $27,000 per month for Halal certification, money which is allegedly being used to fund Islamic schools and mosques.

The allegations that Halal certifiers must donate a share of their revenue to  mosques and Islamic schools has stopped a significant number of Queensland’s Halal meat exports to Indonesia, resulting in affected abattoir operators boycotting the expensive Halal certifiers endorsed by Indonesia’s top Islamic body, The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI),The Courier Mail reports.