The white racist guide to reporting crime trends




With all the news stories in America about knockout games in November 2013, we got to see some prime examples of how White Americans report a crime trend. CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox News put the racist trolls on this blog to shame! Paid professionals at work!

For best results, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick a crime trend – or make one up! Consider only street crimes. Crimes against humanity by America or its allies, crimes by Wall Street bankers, American corporations or middle-class white people over the age of 21 do not count. Crimes by white men do not a trend make.
    • A drop in black crime: This can count as a trend but only if you can credit the actions of white people for it, like “stop and frisk” or “The War on Drugs”. Whatever you do, never credit “black culture”, “black leaders” or “black parenting” for it!…

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