U.K Headteacher apologises after ordering pupils to attend Islam awareness trip or face punishment for ‘racism’

A head teacher has been forced to apologise after threatening to punish children for racism if they missed a religious awareness workshop.

Parents of children at Littleton Green Community School in Cannock were angered by a letter sent from the school informing them that a ‘racial discrimination note’ would be attached to their child’s education record if they did not attend a workshop about Islam as part of the children’s “cultural education”.

Donna Ward, whose daughter attends the school, told the Express & Star: “It’s not our religion. We should have a right to stop our children going.”

Defending the decision, the school’s headteacher, Lynn Small, said that exposing the pupils to other faiths was part of the school’s statutory duty. She said: “We are a mainly Christian school, but we have to cover at least one other religion as part of the national curriculum.”

After an intervention from the local authority the school has since written to parents to apologise for “inaccuracies” in the previous correspondence. In the letter, the school’s head teacher asked parents to “on reflection disregard a section from the earlier letter”.


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