Jay Z, Rick Ros, Dr Dre sued by gospel group over unlawful sampling




SPIN reports that Clara Shepherd Warrick, who wrote the allegedly sampled track ‘I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch)’ and Jimmy Lee Weary, who wrote the music, are suing the hip hop heavyweights for copyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of fiduciary duty. They claim the trio sampled the track for Jay’s, Ross and Dre’s 2012 ‘3 Kings’ single (us neither).

Furthermore, Warrick and Weary claim ‘3 Kings’ has continued to “destroy the commercial value of the song in gospel circles” in addition to the original’s “overall integrity and longevity.” There are also, allegedly, emails in which the defendants acknowledge their use of ‘I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch)’.

Read more at http://www.gigwise.com/news/86331/jay-z-rick-ros-dr-dre-sued-by-gospel-group-over-unlawful-sampling#ZRvUtSmhzIJBIFAW.99

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