Why ‘feminism’ poisons EVERYTHING by Thunderf00t



To be honest, if you can take something as difficult to poison as raising money for charity, and poison it in 15 seconds, you can poison EVERYTHING!


You don’t have to look long or hard to find the crazies in modern feminism.


Rebecca Watson starting off her ‘charity fundraiser’ by spitting in the face of the entire male audience.


The section on sexual dimorphism in wiki:








Stealth Jihad: Germany: Art studio bans nude sketches “out of respect for Muslims”


Nude studies have been part of Western art from time immemorial, and have no intrinsic or inherent connection with lewdness or pornography. But the example of Michelangelo and everyone else goes out the window when it comes to appeasing Muslims. The principle is absolute: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to Islamic sensibilities. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to Islamic sensibilities.



In the invitation to the private art show the project sounded really good. It sounded as if something good was being done for artists. Marzahn-Hellersdorf Adult Education Centre is giving artists the opportunity to present their works to a wide public on the floors of the institution. Creatives are brought together with citizens and thus exposed to criticism much more directly than in a commercial gallery. This is how the municipality describes its art exhibition space programme. “Imaginative & colourful paintings and drawings” is the name of the current exhibition of the Berlin artist Susanne Schüffel.

The show was supposed to open with a celebration on Friday evening. But the private show was not held; the artist had cancelled. She was allowed to show only some of her pictures. Six nude pictures had been removed a few days before. She is raging.

Last Monday the 46-year-old artist learned that her nude pictures could not be shown on the corridors of the adult education centre “out of respect for Muslims”. That is the explanation the deputy director of the adult education centre, Gotthard Hänisch, gave. Muslims could “feel unpleasantly affected” when looking at the sketches. Muslims, including some from the asylum seeker reception home in Carola-Neher-Straße, visit the adult education centre for German courses.

Susanne Schüffel cannot accept the reasoning of the deputy director. “There was no conflict. No one had complained about the sketches. That is anticipatory obedience,” says the graduate of Weißensee art school. “This is about the freedom of art.” Her classical nude sketches show nothing crude or offensive. “They’re about the beauty of woman.”






Muslim Students Association at University of Alberta shows solidarity with Canadian convicted terrorist Omar Khadr

MSA UofA has recently initiated a campaign in support of Omar Khadr. On November 1, 2013 the following was posted on its Facebook page:

“Assalamu alaikum [peace be upon you] everyone!! Let’s show our support to our brother Omar Khadr. During the next week in sha Allah [God Willing] we will be accepting letters that will be send to him, if you can please take the time to write a little message to him showing that we have not forgotten about him. You can send your letter electronically as well. You can also help out at the booth. More details below. Jazakhalla khair! [may Allah reward you].”


MSA UofA did not mention on is Facebook page any details regarding Khadr’s conviction at a Guantanamo Bay war crimes tribunal of murder, terrorism and spying, his family’s affiliation with Qaeda while staying in Afghanistan and the fact that Khadr’s father was a bin Laden associate.

In this regard see also Repentant adulterer who is stoned to death “wins the Pleasure of Allah”: Hadith posted by MSA Calgary on its Facebook page