Shop class deserves a more prominent role in schools

Shop class is wonderful for students who don’t learn well in traditional academic settings. It allows students to be active and to produce tangible, functional results. Doug Stowe, a woodworker and teacher from Arkansas, has a blog called “Wisdom the Hands,” dedicated to the concept that hands are essential to learning. “Does working with your hands make you smarter? Woodworking teachers have observed that effect for years.” Stowe points out on his blog that “students need to find ways to cope under difficult circumstances,” and shop class offers a unique setting for them to de-stress by working with their hands.

Shop class is a special place where theoretical knowledge converges with reality. Math becomes more interesting when it’s used to build something precise. The Globe article offers some interesting facts. A 2009 study from Purdue University showed that eighth-graders using hands-on engineering techniques learned more than students who learned from books and lectures. Another study by the Little Hoover Commission in California showed that students who did shop classes were likely to stay longer in the education system.

Our society has inadvertently created “a dependent generation of young people who don’t know how to fix things and lack even the most basic manual competence.” Putting girls and boys into shop class would combat that dependency, and challenge rampant consumerism, since a person is less inclined to throw out a piece of furniture and buy a replacement if they know how to fix it. With so many cheap imports flooding stores, it’s difficult for students to gain perspective on the resources and time required to create a piece of furniture, so shop class can teach students to appreciate long-lasting quality and its accompanying fair price tag. In this way, shop class is linked to sustainability and puts the “reuse” back into the three environmental Rs: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Toronto Islamic bookstore recommends buying the book “Fragile Vessels” to improve relationship in marriage

Toronto Islamic bookstore recommends buying the book “Fragile Vessels” to improve relationship in marriage

Islamic Jannat [Paradise in Arabic] bookstore, located at 1950 Lawrence Ave East. In Toronto, recommends its customers to purchase the book “Fragile Vessels” as a helpful guide to improve relationship between Muslim spouses in accordance to the Islamic law.

“Fragile Vessels”, authored by Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly, is “one of a 3-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah… covers the obligations of the two spouses, the wife’s rights, and the husband’s rights.”

On its official Facebook page Jannat bookstore posted in this regard the following (November 2, 2013):

“An estimated 99.9% of dating relationships end due to break ups. Less than 50% of marriages end due to divorce in America. Canadian marriages have more than a 70% chance of succeeding.

“Muslims enjoy an 80/20 ratio. Meaning 80% of Muslim marriages succeeded. Alhamdulillah [Praise to God]. You have more than a 50/50 chance to succeed in marriage. 1% chance to succeed in dating relationships.

“Dating requires almost the exact same commitments that is needed from a man and a women in a marriage.

“Yet people would rather date than get married! Why? Because we fear divorce? Why? Because we fear that extra level of commitment? It just doesn’t make any sense?

“Our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters are being taken for a ride and they don’t even know it. Stop this madness. Tie the Knot. You will thank yourself.

pp. 53-4

“A leader will inevitably have to deal with the “dirty” job of discipline. Discipline is an important process that must be properly implemented. It has its rules and regulations. Violating those rules would undermine and invalidate the whole process and may bring about more damage than good.”  “The man, being the leader of the family, has the obligation of enforcing the “family laws” for well-being of the family. The rules of discipline between the man and his wife been set by Allah in His Book in His Messenger’s Sunnah…”


“If the first two steps do not work with the wife and she continues to be disobedient and rebellious, the husband may resort to hitting her.


“A woman should not talk to the men without her husband’s permission.”


“A woman may not travel without mahram [escort of a male close relative]. Travel is a state in which a person is weaker and more liable to attacks or temptations. Even in today’s modernized travel, a woman must have a man with her to protect and help her.”

The book “Fragile Vessels” is also available at the “Islamic Book Service Canada (IBS)”, a not-for-profit division of ISNA’s Islamic Services organization (located at 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, Onatrio L5J 2M4).

Calgary Muslim Defends Speaking Gig By Hate Filled Fellow Islamist – Calling For Death To Gays Just A Difference of Opinion


Rob Breakenridge penned this column “City Muslim group sends a worrisome message” which discusses decision by the Muslim’s of Calgary organization to host Muslim Hate Preacher Siraj Wahhaj. I first wrote about the pious Siraj’ visit to Calgary here.

Here’s an excerpt outlining the Islamic filth preached by this devout Muslim: “Wahhaj, for example, argues that the Islamic penalty for “fornication” (which would include adultery and even premarital sex) is 100 lashes. He has said of thieves and adulterers, “If Allah says 100 strikes, 100 strikes it is. If Allah says cut off their hand, you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death.”

Like Philips, Quick has some rather harsh views of homosexuality. He shares the belief that Islam mandates the death penalty for homosexuals, whom he has referred to as “sick” and “not natural.” But he says it’s “not enough to call names” and that Muslims “are going to have to take a stand” against homosexuals.

Quite a contrast from the image of Calgary’s Muslim mayor embracing and taking part in Calgary’s annual gay pride festivities.”

And of course an equally devout Calgary Muslim, has rushed to the defense of the vicious hate mongering Mullah: “In his column, Breakenridge focused on views on homosexuality represented by these guests in Islamic law, which is rather puzzling. How does that impact our lives in Canada, which does not have Islamic law? Canadians have differing opinions on a multitude of issues, ranging from abortion to euthanasia. One has the freedom in Canada to express his or her views, hopefully backed with knowledge and wisdom. Breakenridge lacked both in his article. Creating doubt and mistrust by using misconceptions and amplifying misunderstandings seems to be the only focus of his arguments.”

Thank You Mr. Government! I feel  better having been so enriched!