8 thoughts on “No protection for female students harassed by transgendered student

  1. Linking to your blog, as a great example of poor reporting, and how Christians and cis-people make the claim they are the ones who are truly victimized in today’s America. Thanks for making my blogging life easier by setting up such an easy strawman.

    • the girls are being harassed why should they surrender their rights to somebody who is trans? the term “cis” is not in my vocabulary please don’t call me a “cis”. and where are the parents of this trans person? why is he allowed to violate the privacy of the girls?

      • Cis would be the opposite of trans, although there are obvious problems with the nomenclature as it still is based upon a binary gender identity. Still the best we have available to us right now.

        I could respond here, but as I just made my argument in my latest blog posting, it would be redundant to make it again here.

        Summary however is neither the CBN nor the PJI mentioned what harassment took place. Unless you consider the fact she was allowed to use the girls restroom in and of itself harassment.


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  3. The FJI claims that any Trans student who goes to school harasses other children by doing so. That’s the substance of their complaint: that such students “expose other students to transgenderism” thereby violating both the other students’ privacy and freedom of speech. (Seriously – look at their website).

    They’re also against teaching in science class that the Earth orbits the Sun, as that “would create a hostile learning environment for those of faith”


    This story was picked up by CBN, the Evangelical CharismaNews, and now the UK Daily Mail.

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