Intern’s death after overnight shift sparks outcry

slavery has returned!



The sudden death of a 22-year-old Alberta practicum student, who crashed while driving home after being made to work long hours, has his loved ones pushing for laws to protect unpaid interns from exploitation.

“He was taken advantage of,” said his brother Matt Ferguson, from St. Albert, Alta. “If this hadn’t happened the way it happened, it might be easier to deal with.”


Andy Ferguson’s car crossed the centre line and hit a gravel truck head-on at 6 a.m. in November 2011. He was halfway through his hour-long commute after working a morning shift and then all night.

“Andy wouldn’t want this to happen to somebody else.”

Records show the highway was clear and the weather was good. The young student had no alcohol or drugs in his system and was not on his phone when he crashed.

His family is convinced he didn’t make it home because he’d put in 16 hours in a 24-hour period — with very little rest in between shifts — and was too exhausted to drive safely.

“We believe he fell asleep while he was driving,” said Ferguson.

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