fan of racist anti-asian hollywood arrested after restaurant guests covered in soy sauce





Police arrested a 52-year-old woman Saturday after she reportedly doused International District restaurant patrons in soy sauce and chocolate milk.

Officers were called about 1 p.m. to the Dim Sum King at Sixth Avenue and Jackson Street after the woman entered the restaurant, told guests to “go back to China” and flipped over customers’ plates, according to Seattle police reports.

She also allegedly spit on a man and covered him and his baby with soy sauce.

Police arrived at the restaurant to find several people standing outside, covered in food, reports say.

The woman slapped an officer trying to contact her in the arm.

Police arrested and booked her for investigation of harassment and assault of an officer.



Controversy At Starbucks Over What Was Written On Cup

There is controversy brewing about the way a Connecticut businessman’s drink  was labeled at Starbucks.

If you’ve ever been to one of the ubiquitous coffee chain’s stores you  already know the drill:  You place your order and give the cashier your  name, a few minutes later the “barista” calls out your name, which is written on  your cup.

That’s how it went for one Connecticut finance worker, except it was  something else written on his cup, that left him shocked.

We met David in Darien, Connecticut, on Monday – the town in which he  works.

But it was in New York City, where he commutes daily, that the word “China”  was written on his Starbucks drink.

“I go there all the time. It’s my local one”, said David, who asked FOX CT to  not use his last name.

David did a double-take and then posted a photo of the cup on his Facebook  page, which quickly drew disbelief and outrage from his friends, especially  those who are also of Chinese descent.

“I was looking at my cup and then I see the word China on it and I was like  whoa this is kind of weird. It never happened before. Usually they’ll put your  name on it or what type of drink you have,” said David.

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