One of the most controversial aspects of Islam is its doctrine of slavery. It incites controversy because slavery in the modern world is clearly considered a contemptible practise. In Islamic doctrine however, it isn’t. For centuries, abolitionist groups from the West and non-Western world lobbied strenuously to see slavery become abolished in Western colonies from Africa to India and beyond. The formal abolishment of slavery in Muslim countries was not enacted in all of Islam’s one thousand three hundred years or so history at the time, until the intervention of the West. Saudi Arabia finally caved in and formally abolished slavery in 1962 only upon continued Western imposition. Although slave trade was banned in Niger by French colonists a century ago, the cultural practice of slave ownership was not banned until recently in 2005! In Islamic culture, Islamic doctrine sanctions a tripartite model of slavery that encompasses Enslavement (domestic…

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Muslim Brotherhood AKA ‘Ikhwan’ on Parliament Hill Ottawa Aug 24 2013


a pro-Morsi pro Muslim Brotherhood protest on Parliament hill Aug 24 2013. The new tactic is to pretend that they want democracy and to reverse the military coup in Egypt when in fact the MB is very violently opposed to democracy and only use it to achieve an Islamic theocracy everywhere on earth they possibly can.