Calgary Imam yearning for Islamic army to emerge

Sheikh Jamal Hammoud (الشيخ جمال حمود), affiliated with the Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC), serves as the senior Imam of Calgary Muslim community and is also the “senior representative in Canada of Dar al-Fatwa”, Lebanon’s top Sunni religious authority, headed by the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Mohammad Rashid Qabani (الشيخ محمد رشيد قباني).

His sermon in a celebration on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, the festival of breaking of the fast of Ramadan (August 8, 2013), conveyed a message of great hope for the Muslims in light of the historical changes unfolding in the Islamic and Arab world.
Hammoud uttered his strong belief that the hardships endured by Muslims worldwide are only signs heralding the emergence of a new leader for the Islamic nation destined to direct it to the right path and the revival of the Islamic army the Muslims are so yearning for.

Sisi is an American agent, Egypt is Islamic: Arab Canadians

Sisi is an American agent, Egypt is Islamic: Arab Canadians

Dozens of Arab Canadians protested Saturday (August 17, 2013) in front of Calgary city hall against the Egyptian military regime, the destitution of the elected president Muhammad Morsi and the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
The demonstrators chanted, inter alia, the following slogans (translated from Arabic):
“No to the Army, no to the thugs, [Egypt is] Islamic, [Egypt is] Islamic, our revolution is peaceful, [our revolution is] Islamic, [our revolution is] Islamic, down, down the military regime, we are state, not army, O Sisi [Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff]  the vile, the blood of our children is not cheap, O Sisi the coward, you are an American agent.”

Wife Of Canadian Resident Killed In Egypt Amr Kassem Helped Run Radical AlMaghrib Institute, AKA Jihad U, Toronto Branch

Amr Kassem was no innocent bystander. He was shot while rioting with his Muslim Brotherhood brethren. His wife helped run the Toronto Branch of the AlMaghrib Institute, which has a long association with Muslim terrorism and is more commonly known as Jihad U.