Having sex at husband’s will is obligatory for Muslim wife : Canadian Sheikh

he even say women ask her husband’s permission before leaving the home!   forcible confinement?

Having sex at husband’s will is obligatory for Muslim wife : Canadian Sheikh

Sheikh Musleh Khan, Saudi born who grew up in Toronto, serves as Director of Education at the Khalid bin Walid Mosque in Toronto. He is also affiliated with AlKauthar, a Canadian academic Islamic education provider of Islamic Studies and Pure Matrimony, an organization that provides halal online environment for matching single Muslims for marriage as well as information and advice on all aspects of relationship between men and women according the Islamic Law (Sharia).
Spent approximately 10 years studying under various scholars and acquired a broad understanding of Islamic sciences including Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer and Aqeedah, Sheikh Musleh appears on worldwide Islamic TV networks including IslamChannel and Ramadan TV.
As part of his activity for Pure Matrimony Sheikh Musleh held in March 2013 a webinar entitled ‘The Heart of The Home: The Rights And Responsibilities of A Wife’. In this webinar he referred, among other issues, to the wife’s duties in her relationship with her husband, including the prohibition to refrain from having conjugal relations whenever her husband desires unless she has “a valid excuse.”
Here are the relevant slides of Sheikh Musleh’s lecture followed by his verbal explanation and elaboration on it.
in related news a terrorist with a Canadian Passport killed while serving with Hamas
Canadian Terrorist Killed in Service with Hamas

An Oman born Palestinian, Husam Samir al-Hams (حسام سمير الهمص), a naturalized Canadian citizen, who enlisted with Hamas’ military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, has been killed fighting Israeli forces in Gaza.

In recent years Canada has ‘exported’ dozens of Mujahideens (Muslim ‘strugglers’ for Allah) who have fought on various jihad frontlines, among them, Somalia, the Caucuses, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Afghanistan. This list now includes the Gaza Strip.

The Azzadin al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has officially announced that Husam Samir al-Hams, a member of the organization and a Canadian citizen, was killed in an Israeli military operation in November 2012.