racism is not natural


racism-just-in-caseRacism is not natural. But in America racism has become so common and accepted that it seems like part of the human condition, like love or poverty. Some do not even notice it except in its more extreme forms. But, as Malcolm X discovered in Mecca, racism does not have to be. It is not something we are born with.

Seeing racism as natural allows whites to believe there is little they can do to make society more just. Fighting racism would be like trying to stop the rain. It excuses inaction.

How do we know that racism is not natural?

First, racism is not built into human nature. If it were we would see it in the Bible, we would see it in the Greeks. Both the Jews and the Greeks divided the world into an us and a them, but neither used race to do it: the Jews…

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Can’t afford an unpaid internship? Ask for donations

Internships can be crucial career-builders. But what if you can’t afford to  work for free all summer?

Jessica Padron of Nevada may have found the solution.

After securing a prestigious unpaid student internship in the office of  Senate leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, she has begun a crowdfunding appeal  online.

She is asking donors to help pay for her housing, transportation, and food,  which she estimates will cost her $6,500 over the four months in the  capital.

“If I don’t reach my goal,” she writes in her appeal, “I will be forced to  relinquish this opportunity and miss out on this once in a lifetime chance.”

As of Tuesday, online donors had already chipped in enough for half of her  costs.

Some observers say there is some irony here, given that plenty of lawmakers  are pushing to raise the minimum wage, yet don’t pay a cent to some of their  hardest workers.

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Sammy Yatim’s Family Chant About Killing “Pigs”!

Published on Aug 13, 2013

At today’s protest about Sammy Yatim’s police shooting his family suddenly went off the rails chanting about killing the “pigs” and telling people to “kill the police”. At the end, Occupy Toronto leader Dave Vasey (Love Is The Movement) and convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert attacked Your Humble Narrator and tried to stop me from filming…

filmed by genuinewitty


remember Yatim’s facebook page with the guns set up in a circle which was later mysteriously changed?