Canadian Muslim educator urges Egyptians to launch jihad against the military regime – Has real Hate-On for Christians

Dr. Tariq Abdelraheem, founder and director of Dar al-Arqam Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, calls upon the Egyptian people to endorse the jihad as a way to confront the military regime that ousted President Mohammad Morsi early this month (July 3, 2013).
In a video clip, uploaded on YouTube (July 5, 2013) and bearing the name “Message to the mujahideen of Egypt,” Dr. Tariq Abdelraheem says among other things the following (translated from Arabic):
“A-Sisi is an infidel, atheist, he pledges allegiance to [Pope] Tawadros [of Alexandria] the crusader, the infidels and the seculars and kills Muslims.”
“There is no loyalty [to Islam] in appointing a Christian or a Coptic and promoting him in position over a Muslim. No, it is an act of killing of Muslims, suppressing and displacing them and raising the word of the Cross. We should speak honestly. This position [overthrowing Morsi] is of the crusaders, as 90% of those who went out to the streets were crusaders, polytheists, the salves of the Cross.”

NB: This MoMadMan’s son is Shareef Abdelhaleem sentenced to life without parole (for 10 years this being Canada), in the Toronto 18 Muslim Terror plot.