Islamic/Arab Racism: Casablanca landlords try to ban renting to Africans










“Renting apartments to Africans is strictly forbidden”. This message hangs in several building lobbies in Casablanca, Morocco. Some landlords have been enforcing this rule, even though it is completely illegal. Our Observer, a student from the Ivory Coast, experienced this discrimination firsthand a few months ago.

Several photos of these posters, written in both French and Arabic, have been circulating on social networks over the past few days. According to our Observers, the photos were taken in buildings in the residential Farah Essalam neighbourhood in the Oulfa area, where many students from sub-Saharan Africa live. Similar posters have also been reported in other parts of town.

While Morocco is located in northern Africa, many Moroccans don’t consider themselves “Africans”, a term they generally use to refer to sub-Saharan Africans.