Terrorist, racist and genocidal Bashir flee like a rat back to North Sudan after calls for his arrest




July 15, 2013 (WASHINGTON) – The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir returned home abruptly before the conclusion of the HIV summit that took place in the Nigerian capital of Abuja amid controversy over his attendance.

A Sudanese diplomat who would not give his name told The Associated Press that Bashir left at 3 p.m. Monday, less than 24 hours after he arrived and in the middle of a two-day summit which ends on Tuesday.

But he denied that Bashir’s hasty departure was related to demands for his arrest.

Another Sudanese diplomat attributed Bashir’s sudden departure to other engagements.

“He has left. He left in the afternoon (on Monday),” Mohammed Moiz, spokesman for the Sudanese embassy in Nigeria, told Agence France Presse (AFP) but gave no further details on the other engagement.

The Nigeria Coalition on the International Criminal Court (NCICC) issued a statement today condemning the government for hosting the Sudanese leader who is wanted by the ICC in connection with war crimes committed in Darfur.

NCICC said that Nigeria’s failure to arrest Bashir “will be a brazen disregard of its international treaty obligation under Article 89 of the Rome Statute of the ICC which it has ratified since 2001”.

“Such failure also undermines the pursuit of international justice, peace and security which are the objectives of the ICC” the group said.

The group also revealed that it has filed a suit at the federal high court Abuja seeking a domestic arrest warrant for Bashir.

“The judiciary in this country has the responsibility to implement legal obligations created by treaties undertaken by Nigeria. As a state party to the Rome statute of the ICC, Nigeria is under legal obligation to execute within its national jurisdiction the arrest warrants issued by the trial chamber of the ICC against Mr Al Bashir while in its national territory”.

The British government also released a statement expressing disappointment at Nigeria.

“The UK has a strong and abiding bilateral relationship with Nigeria. I am therefore disappointed that Nigeria has chosen to host President Al Bashir of Sudan at an African Union event, despite International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrants against him for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This undermines the work of the ICC and sends the victims a dismaying message that the accountability they are waiting for will be delayed further,” said the UK Foreign Office Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds

Abuja defended its decision to host Bashir saying it is abiding by AU decisions that instructs members not to cooperate with ICC in executing the warrant against the Sudanese president.

The minister of health Bahr Idriss Abu Garda, who accompanied Bashir to the summit, described the summit as a success adding that Sudan has played a crucial role with regards to establishing a roadmap to protect HIV positive individuals and simplifying efforts to combat the virus, as well as including Malaria and Tuberculosis.

He went on to say that resolutions issued in previous summits have been reaffirmed such as linking healthcare to development.








for Vivian Yee who say Israel is aparthied: Miss Israel 2013: Yityish Aynaw becomes first ever Ethiopian-Israeli winner of beauty crown

In 1959, the Arab League passed Resolution 1457, which states as follows: “The Arab countries will not grant citizenship to applicants of Palestinian origin in order to prevent their assimilation into the host countries.”



Operation Moses: In 1984 Zionists airlifted 8,000 black Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Operation Solomon: In 1991 Zionists airlifted 14,000 black Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

For the first time in history, black people are being brought into a country NOT in chains, but as CITIZENS

Kenneth Meshoe: “Those who say Israel is an apartheid state don’t know what apartheid is…they are exposing their ignorance…the people who make such statements minimize the pain of those who suffered under apartheid…anyone who has knowledge about what apartheid is cannot make such a ridiculous statement”


Israel actually has sharia law for muslim citizens of Israel.  the next person that claim that Israel is an apartheid state will be blocked

Here’s something that came as a surprise to me, but in retrospect I suppose it shouldn’t. Israel actually has official, publicly funded Sharia courts for Muslims, just as they have rabbinical courts for Jews. That makes sense, in a way, because if you’re going to allow religious courts to adjudicate certain issues, you have to allow them for all religious groups.

Not only is sharia law officially recognised by the justice system in Israel in everything regarding the personal status of Muslims, but the judges of the sharia courts are officially appointed by a joint ministerial-parliamentary committee and their salaries paid for by the state. Ironically, this arrangement originates from the days when Britain was the Mandate power in Palestine.

Most matters of personal status, especially marriage and divorce, are ruled in Israel by religious courts. For three religious groups, Jews, Muslims and Druze, there are official, state-appointed courts, who rule on these matters. For Christians, there are private ecclesiastical courts whose rulings are recognised de facto by the civil authorities…

“It works quite well,” says Sheikh Badir Raed, who often appears before the sharia courts on behalf of Muslim clients in divorce hearings. “The Israeli authorities, the police and social services will almost always respect an order issued by the sharia court. I am currently writing a book on this system in Arabic, because I think that this is the best example of a Muslim minority getting its religious rights while respecting the law of the land. The only problems are when the civil law is different from sharia law as in the case of wills and for security reasons when we are dealing with a couple, one of whom lives in the Palestinian territories.”

But Dr Aviad Hacohen, a constitutional law expert from Hebrew University and the head of the Mosiaca centre on state and religion, believes Israel’s system “has two main shortcomings.

“The first is that it creates a twin-track system of religious and civil law that are not always compatible.” Over-ruling of the religious courts by the Supreme Court is not uncommon, and in 1992, in the landmark case Bavli v Bavli, the Supreme Court ruled that civil courts take precedence over religious courts.

“The second shortcoming is that the system isn’t good for everyone. It can’t deal with mixed marriages, or those who are not recognised as belonging to a religion.”

Trudeau under fire for attending controversial Islamic group’s event



OTTAWA — The Muslim Canadian Congress criticized Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Tuesday for his association with what it calls “Canada’s leading Islamist group.”

Last Friday Trudeau was the guest at an Islamic Society of North America event. The organization and its Canadian branch endorse polygamy and support Sharia law in Canada.

“We are deeply disappointed that Justin Trudeau continues to appease known Islamist organizations that not only have a tainted record in the U.S. but who are known proponents of Sharia law in Canada,” MCC president Mumtaz Khan said.

Last year, Trudeau caused a stir by delivering the keynote speech at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, which listed another controversial group, IRFAN Canada, as a sponsor until days before the conference.

Newly appointed Immigration Minister Chris Alexander didn’t want to criticize Trudeau, but said he was invited to speak at the same event and declined.

B’nai Brith president Frank Dimant has requested a meeting with Trudeau to discuss concerns with the group, as well as Trudeau’s vision for Canada.





A Tribe Called Red Want White Fans To ‘Please Stop’ Wearing Redface ‘Indian’ Costumes To Shows

Most of the professional difficulties that Ian Campeau (AKA Deejay NDN) of first nations DJ crew A Tribe Called Red faces aren’t that of the usual show-booking or money-making variety. The act is insanely popular, selling out gigs all over the world, getting support from EDM impressario Diplo, and indexed on the Polaris Prize long list for the second straight year.

No, what has been the group’s tallest mountain to scale has been the reconciliation of attitudes towards a group of young, aboriginal men bluntly incorporating both sound and imagery of their race into their music and performances. Lately, it’s escalated, with the band pleading online with their non-aboriginal fans to discontinue wearing headdresses to the shows; taking on the city of Nepean, Ontario’s football team’s racist name; and facing the intense backlash that has hit them square in the face.


Saudi Airlines discriminating against Israeli citizens – refuses to sell tickets to fliers with Israel passports




something’s not kosher with this airline.

Saudi Arabian Airlines is discriminating against Israeli citizens by refusing to fly them from US airports — even when passengers are simply looking to transfer in Saudi Arabia to another country, The Post has learned.

The airline’s Web site asks for citizenship to book a ticket but has no option on a drop-down menu for anyone holding an Israeli passport. The oversight doesn’t appear accidental — the drop-down menu is so thorough it even has an option for Antarctica.

“No city in the world has closer ties to Israel than we do, and yet Israeli citizens are being discriminated against right here at JFK. It’s not only illegal; it’s an affront to who we are,” said Public Advocate, and mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio, who conducted a recent telephone sting on the Mideast nation’s airline.


“We won’t stop with just exposing these practices. We’ll pursue this with authorities in Albany and in Washington until Israeli nationals’ rights are respected,” added de Blasio, who is demanding an end to the practice in a letter to the airline that was obtained by The Post.

When a member of de Blasio’s staff called the airline pretending to be an Israeli citizen trying to fly from JFK to Mumbai, India, on Saudi Arabian Airlines, he was told it was a no-go.

The caller told the booking agent that he couldn’t find Israel as an option on the Web site.

“I’m an Israeli citizen, and I didn’t see my nationality on there. I was wondering if I could just order the ticket through you,” the caller said.

The booking agent asked: “Do you have any other passports, other than the Israeli passport?”

When the caller said he didn’t, the agent put him on hold to check with a supervisor. The agent later informed the caller that he wouldn’t be welcome.

“Since you have Israeli nationality, you will not be allowed to go on Saudi Airlines,” the agent said.

The airline did not return several e-mails from The Post seeking comment.

Federal law says an “air carrier or foreign air carrier may not subject a person in air transportation to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or ancestry.”