“Islamic civilization” – the biggest lie known to mankind



By Ali Hassan

Translated by Ibn Kammuna

Reviewed and Edited by Jon MC

SOURCE: http://www.annaqed.com/ar/content/show.aspx?aid=16482
I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

When I was a student in the Arab schools, I studied a curriculum module or unit called ‘Islamic civilization’ which was taught by a Salafist Imam. His whole curriculum was a biography of the Salafists “Ahlu Sunna” group; a group that wants to follow the works of Muhammad’s times and the early Muslims. All we studied was “so and so said…” and “the Shari’a tells us to do such and such…” the whole curricuum was designed for “Islamic brainwashing”. The instructor Imam never gave a smile in his lectures and taught topics that had no relation to civilization. For me, this class was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” and that led me to go and finish my studies in the lands of the heathens.

The class that I took with this Imam was no more than an insult to my intellect. The course was filled with mumbo jumbo about Islam along with some inherited beliefs about the Jews and the Christians.

Who is the genius who came up with the term “Islamic civilization”?

But wait for a minute …!

Those who coined the term “Islamic civilization” speak about (at most) the seven centuries before the Ottoman empire appeared on the world stage. We can’t speak about the “Turkish times” since that is the Turkish time and not the time of the Islamic civilization. I am talking about the seven centuries where the lands Muslims ruled were in their “golden age”.

Now, greater civilizations of the past left us witnesses to their accomplishments. The Romans did. So did the Greeks, the Mayas and the Chinese. The great Egyptian civilization of old left us the Pyramids – one of their witnesses to their accomplishments.

Where is the evidence for the Muslims civilization? Is it the Ummayyad Mosque in Damascus? This was no more than a Christian church that the Muslims took over and converted to a mosque, just to annoy the Christians and make their life as uncomfortable as possible.

The old civilizations had their greatest accomplishments in the proximity of their origins. For Muslims this is the Mecca and Medina areas. But there are no accomplishments there. All there is is a pre-Islamic black stone enclosed within a mud cube. There is nothing worth mentioning in Mecca or Medina. Even in other areas Muslims accomplished nothing. In the example of Spain, Muslims took over buildings by force from the original natives, and stayed there, unwelcome, until the natives had enough power to get rid of the Muslims. Had not the Muslims been kicked out of Spain, we would have today Kandahar instead of Marbella and Waziristan rather than Mallorca and Mogadesho instead of Barcelona.

How beautiful you are, my mind, when you are in the right environment!

Thanks to my studies in the lands of infidels, my mind had a healthy development and the ability to do critical thinking. In comparison, education in Muslim areas is just indoctrination.

An example of intellectual theft by Muslims is that they invented the concept of “zero” without which computers would not have been possible.

This is a lie, the concept of zero came from the Indians. The same applies to “Arabic” numerals that have their origins in Babylonia.

What Muslims like to teach and brag about are half-truths.

Muslims claim they translated the Greek works of Socrates, Arstotle, etc. and that without the Muslims’ translations such origins of European civilization would have been lost.

This is not quite accurate.

True, the translations were made in lands dominated by Muslims, such as Iraq and the Levant. But it wasn’t the Muslims who did the translation. It was Assyrian Christians. At that time the Khalif was forgiving and did not follow Islam (philosophy and logic are considered heresy in Islam) but fortunately the Sultan was a heretic and allowed to these translations to be made.

The exact term is “Islamic primitivism”.

The Islamic religion is an invasive Arab culture that seeks to destroy, and destroyed, the cultures of native peoples. The only reason that the Giza Pyramids in Egypt are still standing is that when Muslims took over Egypt and ruled over the native Copts the Muslims did not have knowledge about bombs and explosives at the time and so could not destroy them.

This was not the case with the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, which are 2,500 years old. When Muslims learned to use explosives, they destroyed it while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greatest). The civilized world watched their TVs in horror as this spectacle was taking place.

In India, three thousand Hindu temples were converted to mosques, and the consequences of such actions still exist today:

Natives of the Indian sub-continent lived together in harmony until The Muslims showed up on the scene and viciously converted temples into mosques. Along with the Muslims, war came to India and this ultimately led to the division of India into two states: one is the world’s largest democracy (modern India) and the second is the world’s largest shelter for Muslim terrorists (Pakistan).

Islam and Medicine

Nowadays one is nauseated and gets migrane headache from all that Islamic bragging about the contributions of Islam to Medicine during its “golden age”. This is nonsense.

During the Abbasid dynasty, The Khalif (Sultan) did not follow Islam. He was, rather, a good drinker of alcohol and spent his time attending to pretty maids.

In fact it was the apostacy of some Abbasid rulers that allowed translation of non-Islamic works, the development of knowledge and a movement to establish the rule of the intellect overIslam to thrive.

As for Medicine, it the Christian Assyrians who led the field. Muslims try to take credit for that to deceive the world. Some of those Christians were “Islamized” either through poverty or the sword. “Jizya” was a heavy tax and an Islamic protection racket. It is no wonder that some of those Christians were “Islamized”. In our days, this is seen as no more than a Mafia style operation. And, by the way, this is what is happening nowadays in Egypt. A Coptic boy may declare he is a Muslim to be able to marry a Muslim girl he loves. Later, he may regret what he did, but then it is too late. The court system will not allow him to go back to his Christian faith.

Forced Islamization of scientists

Muslims boast about Al-Razi (Persian), and Ibn Sina (Persian) and Al-Bironi (Persian), and Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (Persian) and Al-Farabi (what is now Kazakhstan) and Al-Khuwarizmi (what is now Uzbekistan), and Al-Bukhari, Al-Tirmidhi, and Al-Sijistani, Bashar ibn Burd, Abu Nawas, Abu Hanifa, Taftazani, and Abu Faraj Isfahani, and Ibn Al-Roumi, and Ibn Bakhtaishou’, and Haneen ibn Ishaq, and Al-Rumi, etc. .. etc. .. Muslims brag about those as if they were the cousins of prophet Muhammad, or as if they were descendants of the Quraish tribe. Those people were not even Arabs. What happened is that the Arab Musim invaders went into other societies, and did two things: One was destroy the culture and sciences of the natives, the second was to Islamize what they could by the sword (or the power of taxes through Jizya and other means). Do you get the picture?

To Summarize

The true inheritance of the lie called “Islamic Civilization” exists in one place and only in one place: The Qur’an. Nothing else is Islamic civilization. What the Muslims did is destroy other civilizations that existed before them. They, the Muslims, had the goal of erasing the original identity of such societies. They replaced man’s intellect with the Qur’an; a book that has stories about Christians and Jews in its first half and calls for cursing them, destroying them and killing them in the second half – in addition to elevating the status of Muhammad.

That is all that Islamic civilization contributed to the world. So, one cannot help but laugh when the words “Islamic Civilization” are mentioned.
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Kanye West – T.i. And Kanye West Sued Over Copyright Dispute


just an ordinary day in the shit music industry of America



Rappers T.I. and Kanye West have been targeted in a new lawsuit amid allegations they illegally sampled a track by funk group Bloodstone for a 2003 collaboration.

The veterans claim they had no idea the hip-hop stars had been granted permission to use parts of their 1979 song I’m Just Doing My Job on T.I.’s Trap Muzik album, which was released in 2003 and contained the tune Doin’ My Job, produced by West.

The sample was provided by bosses at Universal Music, but the members of Bloodstone insist they were not approached to officially clear the music – and now they are suing all three parties for punitive damages, and requesting an injunction on T.I.’s track.

In legal papers obtained by AllHipHop.com their lawyer states: “Plaintiffs do not approve of their song being sampled in a hip hop or rap song.

“Bloodstone did not know that Umg had granted the license to Ti and Kanye West until late 2011/early 2012. Since that time Bloodstone has sought to find out who granted the license to Ti without any authority, and recently learned it was Ume (Universal Music Enterprises).”