The Term “African-American” Is Just Another Way of Saying The N-Word

Blue Steel Magazine: Lifestyles of An Independant Artist

It’s sad, and in some ways, quite laughable. I just shake my head in disbelief every time I hear someone who claims “African-American” heritage trying to eradicate the use of the n-word. I am a Black Man. I don’t use the n-word and I do not describe myself as an “African-American” because these terms are really just two sides of the same coin.

Have you ever really looked at the term “African-American?” Read the term from right to left and you will see that it is just a mantra, which takes the individual claiming such heritage through the middle passage, when all you were was just an “n-word.” That’s all an “African-American” is. See people never really want to hit the cause of a problem at its root, but just complain about the problem itself.

This mantra “African-American” came into use heavily during the early-1990’s. Before this time, the “n-word”…

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