Tibet!!! Can You Take the Truth before the Dalai Lama dies?

Previous ROC constitution on Tibet that ruled the Mainland before 1949

The National Assembly of the Republic of China, by virtue of the mandate received from the whole body of citizens, in accordance with the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in founding the Republic of China, and in order to consolidate the authority of the State, safeguard the rights of the people, ensure social tranquility, and promote the welfare of the people, does hereby establish this Constitution, to be promulgated throughout the country for faithful and perpetual observance by all.

Article 26.
The National Assembly shall be composed of the following delegates:

3.     The number of delegates to be elected from Tibet shall be prescribed by law;

Article 64.
Members of the Legislative Yuan shall be elected in accordance with the following provisions:

3.    Those to be elected from Tibet;

Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China 1912

Article XVIII senators per province, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Tibet, each selected five people, Qinghai send a person; their selected method determined by the local custom.


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