Illinois GOP leader send racist rant targeting former Miss America who’s running for Congress – as a Republican

Politics can be a full-contact bloodsport in President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois, but the most vicious war of words is usually directed from one party to the other.

Not so in downstate Montgomery County, where Republican Party chairman Jim Allen sent a race-baiting email to a blogger on Tuesday, targeting an African-American former Miss America who wants to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Rodney Davis in a 2014 congressional primary election.

‘Rodney Davis will win’ the primary against Erika Harold, Allen wrote, ‘and the love child of the D.N.C. will be back in S**tcago by May of 2014 working for some law firm that needs to meet their quota for minority hires.’

‘The little queen touts her abstinence and she won the crown because she got bullied in school,,, are cruel, life sucks and you move on,’ Allen continued.

‘Now, miss queen is being used like a street walker and her pimps are the DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINO REPUBLICANS…These pimps want something they can’t get,,, the seat held by a conservative REPUBLICAN Rodney Davis and Nancy Pelosi can’t stand it.’

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Somali-Canadian community leaders have some nerve blasting Toronto police


TORONTO – It takes some nerve to put the blame for the failings of one’s own community on police when it is those brave men and women who prevented a disgusting situation from becoming deadly.

But that’s what some so-called Somali-Canadian community leaders were trying to push Tuesday in the wake of Project Traveller.

MORE: Community vilified, Toronto Somalis say

“After the raids, many Somalian community members felt victimized and traumatized as a result of the reckless manner in which the officers forcibly entered their homes,” community activist Mahad Yusuf told a news conference.

“The community members are angry about the destruction of their property, the disrespectful comments made by police and the police brutality.”


How about all the lives they saved?

How about the 42 guns seized and the Taser?

How about the 100 rounds of ammunition?

How about the $3 million in deadly drugs found near the playgrounds?

How about the dismantling of vicious street gangs?

How about the 44 arrests and 220 charges?

How about a “thank you” for the Toronto Police?

That’s what should have come Tuesday.

Instead, for ending the building up of a war cache, all police got was spit on.

At least Toronto Police, and the other agencies prepared to risk their own lives, did their part to stop this.

Yusuf told reporters residents felt there was “excessive force” used.

What the hell does that mean? There were almost four dozen guns in these buildings.

How do you approach that reality if you are police?

Also, there is a murder investigation under way and there have been three dozen young Somalia-born men slain in Canada in the past three years.

Somebody has to care about that.

Besides, there were people from all nationalities arrested in this bust. It was a Toronto bust.

Whether it involved an alleged video or had nothing to do with it, police got this one 100% right.

They should be congratulated.

And they have been by those who know law enforcement.

As for tenants feeling like they were treated like “criminals?” So what! At least they are not dead.

Did they like it better before in the armed drug camp?

Who are they kidding? And they have got to be kidding?

How in the name of common sense are police expected to go into that kind of war zone and discern who the criminals are who will use the guns, who are the pushers of junk on the kids or who is enabling this enterprise?

The part of the news conference that really got me were claims that police were not tender enough in their follow up.

With these buildings being something out of an ammunition factory, no bloody wonder.

It could have been way more miserable. Raids are not social events.

The complaints are also not accurate. Deputy Chief Peter Sloly and 45-years-on-the-job Supt. Ron Taverner of 23 Division are not the kind of people who operate like that. Neither is Chief Bill Blair.

They are all socially and ethnically sensitive and they all care about the people in these buildings. That is why they, and the men and women of 17 policing agencies, did their jobs.

If there is a computer that needs to be fixed or a door in need of replacement or an apology for being in a wrong apartment, so be it.

Those things should happen and I am told they are happening.

But to suggest that police are the problem is embarrassing and incorrect.

They did a marvellous job to help all of the people of Toronto have a safer chance at life.

No one was killed, no one was seriously hurt and lots of dangerous people are now behind bars.

There are people who will stay alive now because of it. It’s pathetic for those to try to label police as the bad guys in this. Remember Danzig St.?

Remember the Eaton Centre shooting?




Toronto Imam prays for to Allah to destroy the kuffar


Here is a gem from a Toronto mosque. The Imam makes the ritual prayer before the Friday congregation, asking God to destroy and defeat Christians and Jews [Kufaar] and for a victory of Islam over the infidels.

The Calm Before the Jihadi Storm

June 18, 2013 By Raymond Ibrahim


The same U.S. policies that helped created al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s are today creating many al-Qaedas in many Muslim countries, promising to deliver future terror strikes that will make 9/11 seem like child’s play.

To understand this dire prediction, we must first examine the United States’ history of empowering Islamic jihadis—only to be attacked by those same jihadis many years later—and the shortsightedness of American policymakers, whose policies are based on their brief tenure, not America’s long-term wellbeing.


In the 1980s, the U.S. supported Afghani rebels—among them the jihadis—to repel the Soviets. Osama bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, and countless foreign jihadis journeyed to Afghanistan to form a base of training and planning—the first prerequisite of the jihad, as delineated in Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones.

Al-Qaeda—which tellingly means “the base”—was born.

The U.S. supported al-Qaeda, they defeated the Soviets, shook hands with Reagan, Afghanistan became ruled by the Taliban, and for many years all seemed well.

But it wasn’t. For over a decade al-Qaeda, unfettered in Afghanistan, trained and plotted. Then came the strikes of 9/11, which were portrayed by the talking heads as a great and unexpected surprise: “What happened? Who knew? Why do they hate us?”

Had al-Qaeda not secured a base of operations, 9/11 would not have occurred.

But if Reagan unwittingly helped create the first al-Qaeda cell in relatively unimportant Afghanistan, Obama is helping to create al-Qaeda cells in some of the most important Islamic nations.

He is doing this by helping get rid of those Arab autocrats effective at suppressing jihadis (even if for selfish reasons), while empowering some of the most radical jihadis who were formerly imprisoned or in hiding.

And all in the name of the “Arab Spring” and “democracy.”


In Egypt, Obama threw Mubarak, America’s chief Mideast ally for three decades, under the bus, and cozied up to the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt’s government is today overrun with Islamists, many who share al-Qaeda’s radical worldview. Several of these new policymakers—including President Morsi himself—were imprisoned under Mubarak, not, as the Western media portray, because they were freedom-loving rebels, but because they were, and are, Sharia-loving radicals trying to transform Egypt into an Islamist state.

The Sinai alone is now infested with jihadis, including possibly al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri.

In Libya, Obama supported the opposition against Gaddafi—knowing full well that al-Qaeda was among them—enabling the Benghazi attack and murder of Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. The unprecedented persecution of Christians in Libya—from attacks on churches to attacks on nuns—is further indicative of the direction “liberated” Libya is taking.

And now in Syria, Obama has decided to arm foreign jihadis. One report indicates that foreigners make up 95% of Syria’s so-called “opposition.” As in Libya—and as in Afghanistan in the ’80s—foreign jihadis are flooding Syria, terrorizing non-Muslims and cleansing the nation of Christians in their bid to create another base, another qaeda.

One of them recently declared, “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!”—precisely al-Qaeda’s thinking in the ’80s-’90s when it was supported by the U.S. against the U.S.S.R.

Thus all the forces and circumstances that led up to the strikes of 9/11—foreign jihadis infiltrating and consolidating power in Muslim countries formerly run by secular dictators—are once again in full play, but in a much more profound way. Today it’s not just one unimportant country, Afghanistan, that is being subverted by jihadis but several strategically important nations.

If 9/11 was the price the U.S later paid for helping turn Afghanistan into a jihadi base of operations in the 80s-90s, what price will America later pay now that it’s betraying several major nations to the jihadis, who are turning them into bases, into qaedas?

So why are American politicians not blowing the whistle on Obama’s suicidal policies?

Because their myopia and inability to see beyond today—beyond their tenure—has not changed since September 11, 2001. Just as it took over a decade after al-Qaeda’s creation to launch the 9/11 attacks—a time of ostensible peace and calm for the U.S., a time of planning and training for the jihadis—it will take time for the jihadi storm to pour on America.

And that’s the era we’re currently in: the calm before the storm. Just as before 9/11, today’s American leaders focus only on the moment—a moment when the U.S appears relatively safe—never considering the future or the inevitable consequences of a woefully counterproductive U.S. foreign policy.

Speaking of foreign policy, if Reagan supported the jihadis to combat the U.S.S.R—a hostile super-power—why is Obama supporting the jihadis? What exactly does America have to gain by propping up jihadis in some of the most strategic Arab nations?

In short, just as it was before 9/11, when the jihadi storm eventually does break out—and it will, it’s a matter of time—those American politicians who helped empower it, chief among them Obama, will be long gone, and the talking heads will again be stupidly asking “What happened?” “Who knew?” Why do they hate us?”

Except then it will be too late.

Half of First Nations children living in poverty should ‘shock’ Canadians: report


APTN National News
Half of First Nations children in Canada are living below the poverty line a new study indicates.

The number jumps to nearly two thirds in Manitoba and Saskatchewan according to a study released Wednesday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Save the Children Canada.

“The report’s findings that half of status First Nation children live in poverty should shock all Canadians,” said Patricia Erb, President and CEO of Save the Children, in a statement. “Looking beyond the numbers to the impact of poverty on the lives of Indigenous children explains why Save the Children is currently growing our programming in Canada.”

The number drops when looking at Metis, Inuit, and non-status Indian children to 27 per cent and brings the total to nearly 40 per cent for all Indigenous children living in poverty compared to 15 per cent of non-Indigenous children.

Some of the differences in child poverty appear to be where they are from. Federally funded on-reserve children faced the most hardships compared to those who lived off reserve.

The federal government funds on-reserve social services, health care, education and income supports.

According to the study transfer payments for these social services on-reserve have increased two per cent a year since 1996 and isn’t adjusted for population growth or need.

“The removal of this cap on funding growth and an adjustment of transfers for need could reduce the alarming rate of status First Nations households living in poverty. It is a matter of choice,” said a portion of the study’s executive summary. “The failure of ongoing policies is clear. The link between the denial of basic human rights for Indigenous children and their poverty is equally clear.”

The study examined child poverty statistics from the 2006 census, the most recent data available according to the authors.

According to the statistics Indigenous children fall behind on family income, ability to receive an education, crowding and homelessness, poor water quality, infant mortality, health and suicide.

“The Indigenous population is the fastest growing in Canada. With adequate and sustained support these people will become an integral part of society and the workforce–particularly as baby boomers retire,” said Daniel Wilson, Indigenous rights advocate and co-author of the study. “But if we refuse to address the crushing poverty facing Indigenous children, we will ensure the crisis of socioeconomic marginalization and wasted potential will continue.”

Nearly $7.5 billion would be need to bring all children up to the poverty line suggested the study.