Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’ Cindy Jacobs Warns Native Americans to Repent

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Cindy Jacobs describes herself as “a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations.” She appears regularly on Christian TV, including on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the 700 Club. But it’s one of her recent 10 Minute Prayer School segments during her “unique prophetic” God Knows God TV show that’s shocking Indian country. She also turns the screw on Mexicans while she’s at it.

Last week, Jacobs warned people of Indigenous heritage that they should “repent for their ancestors’ animism” because they are particularly vulnerable to evil spirits.

After invoking Job 41, Abrams began her lecture to Natives. “If you have in your bloodline any animus [sic], any Native American blood, for instance — not all Native Americans worshipped the serpent or crocodile, many did — but you might want to renounce that and repent for the generational iniquity,” she explained. “If you are — perhaps you’re Mexican and you might have indigenous blood in you or Mayan blood, those who have Aztec blood in any way, you need to repent for the sin of animism before you begin to deal with this spirit.”

It’s worth noting, as does, that “prophet” Abrams earlier this year averred that durable, long-lasting shoes are proof of “supernatural” miracles from God.



Class-action lawsuit filed over unpaid internships at Warner Music, Atlantic

NEW YORK, N.Y. – A former intern has filed a class-action lawsuit against Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records over his unpaid internship.

The suit was filed Monday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Plaintiff Justin Henry says he was never paid for the office work he performed from October 2007 through May 2008 but should have been under state labour law.

The suit alleges there was no academic or vocational training as part of the internship, and that employees would have needed to be hired to do the work if Henry wasn’t doing it for free.

Atlantic is part of Warner Music Group. Warner declined to comment on pending litigation.

Similar lawsuits over unpaid internships have been filed in other industries like magazine publishing.

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