You cannot “prove” racism to most White Americans



You cannot “prove” racism to most White Americans. Some white commenters seem to think that is what I am trying to do!

Important terms:

  • Most: means like maybe 80% in this case, not “all” White Americans.
  • “Prove”: means to move them from a state of intellectual unbelief to one of intellectual belief that racism is still a big deal in American society.  I say “intellectual belief” because most of them deep down seem to know perfectly well what is going on.
  • Racism: in this case it means that American society generally favours whites over people of colour – and not just because on average whites have more money or education – that would be classism – or that they have fewer “cultural pathologies” or whatever non-racist reason whites dream up.

The reasons why, in no particular order (click on the links for more):

  1. They are emotional thinkers. That is…

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