creeping sharia in Trinidad: Man shot in both legs for disobeying

Man shot in both legs for disobeying

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By Joel Julien
June 8, 2013

A Muslim group has imposed a curfew in the Richplain, Diego Martin area, the  Sunday Express learned from a police source yesterday.

A young man who broke that curfew was held down and shot in both legs on Friday night.

Injured was 28-year-old Johann Moore.

Moore was last night at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Police reports said he was walking to his family’s Richplain home around midnight when he was stopped by two armed men belonging to the religious group.

A designated “sentry post” set up by members of the group is located outside a shop along Richplain Road.

The curfew begins at 10 p.m. and ends before the 6 a.m. call to prayer, the police source said.

Moore was punished for not adhering to the curfew.

He was held down on the ground and shot.

Moore hobbled to his home and officers of the West End Police Station were contacted.

Moore was then taken to hospital.

Head of the Police Service’s Western Division Snr Supt Ishmael David yesterday said he was concerned by the curfew imposed in Richplain.

“We are concerned by that development. There is no curfew in the country and there should not be any imposed in any area. That is illegal,” David said in a telephone interview yesterday.

David said the Police Service was “dealing” with the situation.

“We are dealing with it. We learned about it recently but it really came to the fore (Friday) night,” he said.


Christian Student Cheered for Prayer, Native Student Snubbed for Feather




While a Native American student from Alabama could still face a copy,000 fine and has yet to receive her diploma for wearing a single eagle feather on her graduation cap May 23, the Christian Valedictorian of a South Carolina school was cheered for reciting the Lord’s Prayer during his graduation speech.

When Roy Costner IV took the stage June 1 to recite his speech to the graduating class of Liberty High School in Liberty, South Carolina, he ripped up his speech and instead recited the Lord’s Prayer.

As soon as he begins, the crowd erupts in cheers because the Pickens County School District had recently decided to no longer include prayer in graduation ceremonies. In the video you can see no visible reaction from the teachers seated behind him. According to reports on MSN and Yahoo News he was not disciplined for breaking the new rules.

“The bottom line is: We’re not going to punish students for expressing their religious faiths,” John Eby, a spokesperson for the Pickens County School District, told Yahoo News.

Chelsey Ramer, a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, wore an eagle feather in her cap at her May 23 graduation from Escambia Academy in Atmore, Alabama. Before the ceremony the school board wanted all the students to sign a contract forbidding any “extraneous items during graduation exercises.”

Ramer never signed the contract but still faces disciplinary action for expressing her Native heritage during the ceremony. (Related story: “Poarch Creek Student Fined for Wearing Eagle Feather at Graduation)

So a white student decides to stand up and demonstrate his religious beliefs and gets cheered. A Native student does the same and can’t get her diploma and gets fined? A juxtaposition that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the online community.

A user-generated post titled “So a Native American girl gets no diploma and a copy000 fine for putting a feather in her cap, while a Christian valedictorian disobeys rules by reciting prayer and gets standing ovation” on Reddit has been pushed to the front page of the site by other users with more than 15,000 upvotes and 1,630 comments. And those numbers are steadily increasing.

The original poster on Reddit says, “It’s just frustrating to me that when reading these two stories side by side, it comes across as ‘Hey you Indian, stop expressing your culture! This is no place for your savagery. No diploma for you, and now you owe me money for some reason! Oh, hey Christian kid, you weren’t supposed to be inciting prayer at this event. Ahh well, whattya gonna do? You little skamp, hehehe.’”

User Azbug on Reddit says, “What kills me is she worked for four years to get those grades and walk with her class. Somehow, showing one small bit of honor and pride in her ancestry automatically erases her four years of achievement… The other sad commentary is that young man had the opportunity to speak directly to his class, faculty, and the families of the graduates. Instead of saying something interesting or profound, he chose to cough up something that shows no introspection on growing up… On the other hand, the native girl merely whispers deep personal convictions, and is mercilessly stepped on.”

Ramer’s family is currently not commenting on the events and Escambia Academy is closed until Monday. Maybe next week we will find out if and when Ramer will get her diploma and if the school board will in fact make her family pay the fine. At least she won’t have to pay the fine out of her college fund.

An indiegogo fund started by Dan Morrison, communications director at First Peoples Worldwide, raised the full amount to pay the fine in just five days. As of today, the fund has copy,070 in it. If the family does not have to pay the fine, the money will go toward her education. (Related story: “Poarch Creek Student’s Fine Raised by Online Donations)



Peace index: Muslim nations at the bottom


Chennai, June 9:


With so much of strife and violence dominating our world, and the aftermath of the Arab Spring, its violent protests and repressive regimes adding their bit, it is not surprising that world peacefulness declined in 2013. The seventh edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) showed 5 per cent deterioration in the world’s peacefulness over a six-year period.

Afghanistan, with its two-decade history of conflict, violence and political instability, was at the bottom most rung of the GPI at 162nd place, displacing Somalia and pushing it up to the 161st position. Significantly, the least peaceful regions are Muslim countries — Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Pakistan.

At the other end of the scale, Western Europe continued to be the most peaceful region with many of its countries taking up the top 20 ranks.

At the top of the list was Iceland, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Canada, Sweden and Belgium were the others in the ‘top 10’ most peaceful nations.

But economic challenges pushed down the peaceful index of some European countries, such as the UK, Spain, Greece, France and Cyprus.

While India improved its position by three places, it still remains at an abysmal 141st position. Russia is worse off at 155, while Libya has improved its position by three places to 145.

Military spending

Despite continuing economic woes, military spending as a percentage of the GDP increased during the year (2012), with 59 countries spending more against 36 cutting their military spending.

A surprising member of the second group was the US which decreased its military spend from about 4.6 per cent to 4.1 per cent of its GDP. The countries which increased their Defence spend included Iran, Oman, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire and Congo.

The report estimated the global economic impact of containing violence at $9.46 trillion in 2012 or 11 per cent of the Gross World Product.

“Were the world to reduce its expenditure on violence by half, it could repay the debt of the developing world ($4,076 billion), provide enough money for the European stability mechanism ($900 billion) and fund the Millennium Development Goals ($60 billion),” it concludes.





France: Prisoners Who Refuse to Convert to Islam are Threatened, Marginalised, Denied Meals Containing Pork and Have Their Bibles Taken Away by Force and Replaced with Korans