Kimani “Kiki” Gray (c. 1996-2013) was gunned down and killed at age 16 in front of his best friend’s house by plain clothes policemen on the streets of East Flatbush, Brooklyn in New York City. He was killed Saturday night, March 9th 2013, when he was coming back from a party with six of his friends. At least four days of angry, sometimes violent, protests have followed.

The police account and that of eyewitnesses are different on important points. The police said they wore badges and said they were the police, that Gray pointed a gun at them. Eyewitnesses say Gray was empty handed, that the police did not wear badges nor said who they were. Their car was not a police car. Eyewitnesses call Gray and his friends “kids”, the police called them a group of “men”.

The police say Gray “adjusted his waistband” in “a suspicious manner.” Seeing…

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