2 thoughts on “Beastie Encourages Man To Murder Another Over Tweets (commentary by Tommy Sotomayor)

  1. i was ridin with you until you started to started in on blk women. did you realize he was beating the shit out of dude BEFORE she said anything? naw, you didn’t. you are a cancer in our race. not apart of the solution, but the problem. FUCK YOU! you have white kids too huh? i know you do

    • so the fact that he was beating this dude before she said anything makes this ok? what did that dude did to be beaten like that? why are defending that poor excuse of a woman using her man as an attack dog? unlike you i am not a simp. your first black president Obama has a white mother. you hate it when black men marry white woman but love the resulting children from those unions like Obama your first black president. only a simp would defend this action and defend men used as attack dogs from poor excuses of women who happens to be black. and why is that scandal the tv show is the number one show among black women?.

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