Muslim Somali shot dead while breaking into a Toronto Area Home

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The Liberals came under fire on Wednesday over Justin Trudeau’s participation in an Islamic conference whose sponsor was stripped of its federal charity status last year for supporting Hamas, the outlawed terrorist organization.

The Liberal leadership candidate has defended his scheduled speech at next week’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto, and the Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations condemned attempts to “smear” the gathering.

But in a letter to Liberal Party of Canada president Mike Crawley, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre CEO Avi Benlolo said Mr. Trudeau’s presence at the event would lend credibility to supporters of Hamas.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is also a Hamas-linked group

Why Black Women Love Scandal ABC’s Hit TV SHOW??

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ESPNs Rob Parker Says RGIII Not Black Enough Cause Of White Fiance!

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Update: Rob Parker is suspended from ESPN