Reality of Sexual Grooming Gangs in the UK (Interview with Andrew Norfolk by SAS)


Cutting edge report with leading UK Journalist Andrew Norfolk(The Times) and the Sikh Awareness Society on sexual grooming gangs in Britain in response to the report released today by Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children’s Commissioner, which fails to address the fact that there is an ethnic trend within the gangs.










Muslim students in France saying they don’t want a Jewish teacher



Believe that the Grand Rabbi of Lyon, ” sounded the alarm “against” the Republic in danger , “or the Academy of Lyon, which considers the case closed?

It begins with the witness, a few weeks ago, a teacher, a professor of history and geography contract at the Lycee Condorcet Saint-Priest.In the process of conversion to Judaism, she regularly attends the Great Synagogue of Tilsit dock in Lyon. Then she confides to Rabbi Richard Wertenschlag on anti-Semitic attacks she says she suffered in the course of his work. “We do not want a Jewish professor as” a few days before she was the victim of taunts of his students after Yom Kippur, Jewish religious festival for which she earned a day off on September 26. ” We do not want a Jewish professor as in our class , “the students have started. Later, on October 3rd, during an event (supposedly) pro-Palestinian front of the school, three individuals enter the classroom and disrupt the course – they are evacuated with the help of other teachers and Headmaster. A few days later, new hook in class during a lesson on the birth of the Israeli state: Students have passionately denounced ” Jewish imperialism “in Palestine, and have refused to recognize the right to existence Israel, a country ” land thief . ” Face the story of the teacher, Rabbi decides to take his pen and warn the Lyon academy. In a letter dated October 19, the new rector, Françoise Moulin Civil, said following the case ” very closely . ” Since then, no new late November, Richard Wertenschlag, “worried “about the fate of the teacher decides to publish a copy of his letter in the Bulletin of Tilsit, a publication well known regulars of the synagogue. placardisée Teacher? is that the teacher is concerned for the rest of his career in Education: it gives the Chief Rabbi have been “called to order “by an inspector of academy contacted by the Headmaster at the time of incidents. On 28 November, the rectory was even ended his contract. More question then to be engaged in other institutions. ” We try to avoid the reality of the problem based solely on educational reasons , “laments Rabbi, who confides that he received a call from the Rector few days after the publication of his letter in the newsletter the synagogue. “advice, no call to order” asked the Rector’s services deliver a very different story: if it does not deny the succession of incidents at school, the institution responded, says be “adequately “to the concerns of the teacher. As proof, the complaint after the case of intrusion – young offenders have been identified, and one of them tried. On the other hand, ” there was no call to order, but the advice given “following clashes between the teacher and his students, the inspector summoned all history teachers- Geo high school, ” so as not to stigmatize interested . ” Was followed by a briefing on the collective approach to the Israeli-Palestinian relations in the classroom. “An honest woman” Following discussions with the inspector, the future conversion to Judaism of the teacher was not mentioned . ” She may be difficulties in classroom management, but it has many qualities , “we explained it to the rectory. Therefore, the teacher is likely to soon find a position within the academy, ” after passing a preliminary interview, as is the procedure . ” What credit then given to different parties? Rabbi speaks of an ” honest woman of good will, which would not hurt anyone . ” Since Monday, we have tried repeatedly to contact the teacher by phone, in vain. Tuesday morning Licra announced it had seized of the matter: a solemn appeal will also be launched in the coming days to the Ministry of Education, to discuss the fate of ” those teachers unable to teach because of their religious origin . “

The racist outrage of Christmas in Holland

In Britain, the idea of dressing up as a comedy black person is – obviously – an absolute no-no. In the Netherlands, however, they haven’t got a problem with it. At least, that is the case when Christmas comes around.

The Dutch version of Father Christmas is called Sinterklaas. He arrives before Christmas and parades through town, riding a white horse and wearing a red bishop’s mitre. He used to be accompanied by a jester symbolising the devil. But in the mid-1800s, when the Dutch were major players in the global slave trade, this changed. To this day, Sinterklass turns up with Black Peter, or Zwarte Piet, a subservient, child-like, simpleton character in black face paint, red lipstick, and an afro wig. To get a feel for the degradation this involves – if you have a strong stomach – watch the video above. The unvarnished racism it portrays is nothing short of breathtaking. Not only is Black Peter forced to carry out demeaning domestic chores, he is led down the street on a lead and shown scrabbling for dog food on the floor. At one point, a Victorian illustration of slave masters beating black slaves is flashed onto the screen, to the sound of laughter from the audience. Cultural differences or no cultural differences, this is beyond the pale. It is astounding that in 2012, this is part of mainstream Dutch culture.

Writing for This Is Africa, the journalist Siji Jabaar mounts a formidable evisceration of the tradition, in which he forensically lays bare the history and evolution of Zwarte Piet, and demolishes one by one the arguments in favour of the practice. For example, he addresses the following objection: “It’s harmless fun. We don’t see Zwarte Piet as a black person, and neither do kids. They see him as Zwarte Piet.” By way of answer, Jabbar writes: “Why, then, do some white kids call black Dutch people Zwarte Piet? Some are clearly making the connection. And why do you have white adults calling out to their black colleagues, ‘Hey, our very ‘own’ Zwarte Piet!’? . . . If the Dutch government thinks that Zwarte Piet is correct, just invite Barack Obama over for dinner on the 5th of December. But we all know they ain’t gonna do that; they ain’t that dumb.”

“What on is going on with the Dutch?” he continues. “How can such an abhorrent anachronism exist in a seemingly modern and progressive country? . . . Millions of black people were killed or enslaved by white people over four centuries, and millions more continue to suffer discrimination all over Europe and in the States, so this Zwarte Piet character is about as funny as wearing a swastika.”

The practice is not without opposition in Holland. In 2011, four people wearing T-shirts saying “Zwarte Piet is Racist” were arrested; in 2006, NTR, the Dutch public broadcasting corporation, advocated changing Black Peter to Rainbow Peter. But the public appetite for such innovation proved weak. While the Dutch Belgians in Flanders took the step of reversing the tradition so that Sinterklaas is black and Pete is white – crude, but at least it’s something – the next year, people all over Holland blacked up again. And they have been doing it with gusto ever since.

In Britain, we have become so over-sensitised to phrases and images that may cause offence that the phrase “political correctness gone mad” has entered the lexicon of cliché. There is a temptation to roll the eyes and grumble that people need to get a sense of humour. But this indicates how Britain is relatively clean of racism in the public sphere. By comparison, Holland is stuck in the dark ages.