another day another white owned company: Illamasqua put out a blackface ad customers revolt


another day another example of normal racist behavior from a white owned company which are often owned by racists. TV networks, movie studios, fashion and beauty companies. they all display the same racist behaviors.



British beauty brand Illamasqua is stirring up trouble with a so-called “blackface” ad for its winter makeup campaign.

The ad features a woman whose entire face — except for her lips — is painted black, with the slogan, “I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas.”

Another ad in the campaign features a model whose face is painted white.

Illamasqua posted the questionable ad on its website, Facebook and Pinterest pages, prompting dozens of customers to voice their disgust.

“This ad is horrifying,” wrote one woman on Pinterest.

“Wow, this is racist and gross,” wrote another. “Really surprised Pinterest can’t/ hasn’t taken it down, it must be extremely alienating to black pinners.”

Others cut the beauty brand some slack, classifying the ads as “art.”

“Just an editorial interpretation of the opposite of white,” explained one commenter.

Illamasqua responded to the criticism Tuesday but refused to remove the ad.

“The model painted black has been interpreted by some as ‘black face,’” the company said in a statement. “This was certainly not our intention nor inspiration.”

Illamasqua added that they were “shocked by the cynicism behind some of the comments.”

So, sound off in our comments section. Is Illamasqua racist or are its customers too sensitive?



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