California woman loses job over racist anti-Obama Facebook post




Turlock – A California woman has been fired from her job and has attracted the attention of the Secret Service after posting a racist Facebook status wishing for President Barack Obama’s assassination.

Fox 40 reports that 22-year-old Denise Helms of Turlock, 100 miles (161 km) east of San Jose, was so incensed after President Obama’s Tuesday night reelection victory that she took to Facebook and posted this status:

“Another 4 years of the nigger… maybe he will get assassinated this term!”

Helms told Fox 40 she “didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.”

Apparently the Secret Service– and her employer– did think it was a big deal. Not only was Helms fired from her job at a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream store, the Secret Service says it is investigating the Facebook post. While Helms probably won’t face any legal action for her racist comment, she technically could be charged with a felony if the Secret Service deems her to be a credible threat to the president’s safety.

When asked if she would be bothered if President Obama was assassinated, Helms told Fox 40 that “it’s not something I would dwell on.”

“It’s not something I would be upset about,” she said, while insisting that she is not a racist.


Yellowface has entered the digital age: an app called “make me asian” I call this the yellowface app

The racist war against asians is getting worst  some developer who calls himself or herself  KimberyDeiss decided to make this racist yellow face app called “make me asian”. is this the consequence of “The Cloud Atlas” which engage in yellowface? yellowface has now entered the digital age. white people have no right to complain, whine and cry about anti-white racism when they constantly do racist shit like this and make bullshit excuses for racist behavior. Imagine the public outrage if this scumbag made a “make me black” app.




This same piece of shit have a similar app called “make me indian”


Belgium: Sexual Harassment And Gang-Rapes Part Of Daily Life

The scandal of the European Islamic Center in Munich

The Emir of Qatar Arab Sharia state will finance the construction cost 30 million euros for the planned “Centre for Islam in Europe in Munich” CDI-M “.As “world-line” on 10/01/12 in his article ” The wrong game of islamists friendly Qatar “, reported Qatar supports behind the scenes Islamic terrorist groups such as the Libyan branch of Al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic group Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Islamist members of the Syrian opposition, and the Afghan Taliban, which will have even opened a liaison office in Qatar.

By Michael Berger falls

Owner of the planned center “CDI-M eV”. The first chairman Imam Bajrambejamin Idriz and the second deputy chairman Gönül Yerli are both conducting in the Islamic community of Penzberg (IGP) working. The IGP was from 2007 to 2011 in the Bavarian Constitutional Protection Report.There is evidence that the IGP is in connection with anti-constitutional fundamentalists of the Islamic Community Milli Görus (IGMG). Imam Idriz led noisy intercepted telephone calls from instructions of the Protection of the Constitution observed Muslim brother Ibrahim el-Zayat. Imam Idriz has also been shown repeatedly telling the truth when it came to the Koran and the Sharia. The Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann confirmed: ” Imam Idriz liar “.

Wikileaks last year published a highly relevant document Imam Idriz. Wolfgang Remmele, liaison officer of the secret service warns that there would be signs of compounds of Idriz a Bosnian terrorist group. The former Secretary of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, Juergen Heike said, loud Wikileaks

“They lie to us. Because they are convinced that it is perfectly lawful to lie to unbelievers, to betray and kill even more conducive no confidence. “

The former Bavarian Prime Minister Guenter Beckstein said that Idriz games “on two different pianos.” Despite everything, all the fractions in the Munich City Council to support the proposed construction of this huge Islamic center.

The Civil Rights Party FREEDOM informed with regular rallies citizens about these scandalous events. At the last event at Munich’s Stachus on 10August, the participants were surrounded by some 50 Muslims shouting etc. “We shit on your constitution! We spit on it! “Niederbrüllten and a Coptic Christian from Egypt massively, the reported persecution, discrimination and killings of Copts in Egypt.

This detailed video and photos of this rally. Germany’s biggest Internet-political blog “Politically Incorrect” there is more information about what was happening not in Kabul, Islamabad or Mogadishu, but in the middle of Munich.

On Friday the 17th August, FREEDOM 15-20 clock held in Munich’s pedestrian zone at the Richard Strauss Fountain (Neuhauserstr. 8, at St. Michael’s Church) the next rally to their citizens’ petition against the “CDI-M”. Once 30,000 signatures are collected, there is an official local referendum in which all Munich can decide whether they want to have this scandalous project.

When the Munich decide against the giant mosque Stachus, this should have a similar effect as the signal of the Swiss minaret ban. The whole of Europe will become aware of the Islam-critical resistance movement in Germany. The spark for the European Counter-Jihad is then triggered.