Switzerland: Pupil Bullied Out of School by Classmates Because he Refused to Convert to Islam



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Peter is a quiet, inconspicuous students. The sixth-graders go to school, but a classmate he makes life miserable for a long time in a primary school in Winterthur. It’s not about the usual teasing, but also about questions of faith: Ali (name changed) wants to convince Peter of his religious ideas andIslam convert. The interventions of the teacher were unsuccessful, so the sensitive Peter showed psychosomatic reactions.

In the 1 Class understood Peter and Ali pretty good. It did not matter that 14 of the 19 students had a Muslim background. But later began Ali, whose father is Muslim priests to teach Peter religiously. If he were a Muslim, they could be friends, said Ali, whose religious zeal was more pronounced with time.

Pamphlet of a hate preacher

Ali also went over the Christianity funny. How is it possible that Jesus was the Son of God, Ali asked sardonically. When the class in religious education visited a mosque, Ali asked Peter, he would have to pray to Allah.

One day, Ali gave his classmates a religious pamphlet of German converts and hate preacher Pierre Vogel in his hand, which had been occupied in Switzerland by an entry ban. Now Peter dared to inform the whole class that he does not let convert to Islam. Ali replied: “You are possessed by the devil.” Then turned away from other Muslim classmate of Peter. The conflict culminated in two classmates Peter and Ali clung him with ping pong balls and threw again and again shouted: “! Die»

“Personal development severely impaired»

Peter suffered more frequently from headache and abdominal pain and developed anxiety disorders.Therefore, the mother took him out of school and taught him self as a teacher, she was capable of.Peter has worked for several months in therapy. His psychiatrist confirmed that psychosomatic problems caused by the “fear of classmates.” “Peter has been adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressive reaction currently severely affected in their personal and academic development,” the doctor wrote in a report. “In the past three years showed similar reactions around the school because of conflicts that were usually due to the large socio-cultural differences in Peter’s class.”

The Tale of Peter seems to be an isolated case, as with all inquiries Zurich city school districts show. The presidents are not aware of any comparable Islamic missionary efforts.You can not exclude the possibility that mild religious influence among students happens, but this is also feasible in free-church believers.

Also the elementary school office knows no such case. “We have no evidence that in the public schools of religious peace would be endangered by religious influence and intimidation,” said the deputy head of office Brigitte Mühlemann. The school authorities and the parents had to basically make sure that all children with respect and treat each other violently. The teacher had to intervene in such missionary efforts, the school can take disciplinary action, up to transfer to another school.

Jesus against Allah

However, it is undisputed that the immigration and intermingling of cultures religious themes to be discussed at the break areas and more often and can lead to tension, as several teachers confirmed in an interview. Religious arguments are often used to distinguish itself. In verbal disputes benützten students liked the founders of religion as an argument. For example, a designated Jesus as son of a bitch, others Allah as a butcher.Such phrases were indeed ugly, but hardly disturbed the religious peace, confirm teacher.

Not always religious differences only serve as a valve to reduce our own frustrations. The TA, another case is known. It called for a Muslim student’s classmates, the short skirts and tight T-shirts, carried an ultimatum to dress chaste.

Back to Peter. Since his mother left in the lurch by the school administration felt it demanded transfer her son to another school. The request was granted. Peter’s mother is of the opinion that Ali really is the author of the conflict would have to be relocated.

Ali’s parents are silent

In discussion with the TA played the school board down the incidents. A religious indoctrination had taken place, said the headmistress. They only found out just before Peter’s dislocation of the proselytizing. Mails prove, however, that she had been informed at least one month before the incidents. Asked about this, the headmistress was not willing to answer any questions. Also the teacher of Peter who had spoken to the mother of Ali about the incidents left the question unanswered. The competent school board, said the school board did the right thing and told the teacher to look at once the conversation with Ali’s parents what had come to pass.

Ali’s parents were not willing to talk about the incidents. The father wanted to ban the TA to write about his son. He denied the events, explaining children could not affect religious classmates. So it stands in the Koran.


Huntsville singer sues Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City

another day another hack sued for copying somebody’s song so what else is new?





A singer/songwriter from Huntsville is suing pop singers, Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, for copyright infringement.


Allyson Nichole Burnett alleged that Jepsen’s song “Good Time” copies her 2010 song “AH, It’s a Love Song.

Burnett also said she suffered emotional and psychological damage from “uninformed fans” asking her why she copied the Carly Rae Jepsen/Owl City song. She said the original song has been forever destroyed as an asset in her portfolio because it will always “sound like ‘Good Time.'”

The lawsuit is also against Owl City’s Adam Young, writers Matt Thiessen and Brian Lee, Universal Music Group Inc., Songs Music Publishing, LLC and Schoolboy Records, Inc.

Burnett claims the defendants had access to the song as early as February of 2010 and extensively by early 2011.

“AH, It’s a Love Song” was released on Burnett’s 2010 album, “The Takeover.”

Burnett said she wrote the lyrics and created the melody, harmony and rhythm for “AH, It’s a Love Song” in December of 2009. A demo was initially recorded on a friend’s laptop in 2009. The song was released on the album “The Takeover” in April of 2010.

Her songs have been featured on numerous television and radio shows, including MTV’s “The Hills” and “Friendzone.”

Adam Young, Matt Thiessen and Brian Lee wrote “Good Time” in December of 2011 and released June of 2012.

The defendants have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Carly Rae Jepsen is set to open for Justin Bieber in Memphis Thursday night.

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the original  ah it’s  a love song


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