Tanzania: VP Warns Clerics Over Hate-Speech



Moshi — THE Vice-President Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal has called on religious leaders to continue preaching peace, love and unity and warned those inclined to preach hatred to stop it henceforth, saying any breach of peace would cost the nation dearly.

Addressing Eid-El-Hajj Baraza at Jihad Mosque in Vuchama, Mwanga district in Kilimanjaro region yesterday, the Vice-President said the recent violence that erupted in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam was a result of unnecessary hate-speeches made by some Muslim clerics.

“For many decades, Tanzania has not witnessed religious-motivated conflicts. This will not be allowed to happen again. Worshippers need to know that conflicts resulting from trivial issues like fighting for ownership of a mosque are uncalled for. Chaos taints the good image of the worshippers,” Dr Bilal said.

He stressed that the government would take appropriate measures against the perpetrators of violence, saying it is easy to break peace but very costly to restore it. Dr Bilal reminded the faithful to read carefully the Holy Quran and treasure its many verses which teach about peace and unity and implored religious leaders to use the scripture to talk about peace instead of hatred.

“Our elders cherished peace and unity. They did respect individual’s faith. It is now our turn to pass the good deeds to the future generations,” he said. Vuchama people will remember Dr Bilal for a rare Eid gift. He contributed 5m/- for Vuchama Mosque Islamic Centre during a fund-raiser that aimed at collecting money for construction of a nursery, primary and secondary school in the area at an estimated cost of 4.3bn/-.

Speaking on the occasion, (Eid Baraza), Acting Mufti of Tanzania Alhajj Ismail Habib Makusanya urged the government to take action against all religious leaders and politicians bent on causing violence and hatred. He said the country has enjoyed peace, unity and stability for years but today some selfish people are using religion and politics to cause chaos.

“We are for peace and harmony. Total freedom of worship is our right,” Sheikh Makusanya explained. The Secretary of the Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) Sheikh Suleiman Lolila urged the government to conduct investigations into chaos instigated by a few individuals who he said should face justice. Eid-El-Hajj Salat led by Acting Mufti, Alhajj Makusanya was conducted at national level at Jihad Mosque.

Hollywood Racism and blackface: Zoe Saldana transforms into Nina Simone for new movie… with the help of facial prosthetics, fake teeth and an afro-style wig

Racist Hollywood continuing their war against non-whites by engaging in black-face choosing a light skinned mixed Latina  dressing her  up in  prosthetics to make her look like Nina Simone the black female Jazz Singer. a similar racist yellowface movie cloud atlas is now playing in theaters.

Nina Simone

pictures showing Zoe in blackface using prosthetics






Here is light skinned mixed Latina Zoe Saldana

She caused controversy when it was first revealed that she had been cast as Nina Simone, with many saying she wasn’t ‘dark-skinned enough’ to play the legendary jazz singer.

But in first pictures of Zoe Saldana on the set of highly-anticipated biopic Nina, the 34-year-old actress has shown she is throwing herself into the role whole-heartedly.

Zoe was seen wearing a black afro-style short wig and what appeared to be a prosthetic nose, clutching a folder believed to contain her scripts as she made her way to the movie set.

She also appeared to have some slightly darker make-up shaded along her cheek and jawline.
She wore a black dressing gown with white trim, teamed with a matching pair of slippers as she prepared to meet with the wardrobe department ahead of her day’s work.

The decision to cast Zoe as Nina was met with strong criticism with many in Hollywood, including Nina’s daughter Simone Kelly.

Simone took to her Facebook page to voice her concerns, writing: ‘Appearance-wise this is not the best choice.’

However, Simone then continued to say that she had no problem with the star’s acting ability, but added she would have liked to see a darker-skinned actress such as Viola Davis or Kimberly Elise take the part.

But other stars have come forward to back Zoe in the part, with singer and actress Jill Scott telling black women’s web site Hello Beautiful: ‘Zoe is an incredible actress.

‘I think that there should be some work done, like a prosthetic nose would be helpful and definitely some darker make-up.’

The synopsis of the motion picture so far only details that it is the story of the jazz musician and classical pianist, including her rise to fame and relationship with her manager Clifton Henderson.

The civil rights activist certainly celebrated women of darker complexions with her track Images (Of a Wayward Soul), which includes the lyrics: ‘She does not know her beauty. She thinks her brown body has no glory.’

Nina, which also stars The Help actor David Oyelowo as Henderson, is due for release in 2013.

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University of Florida fraternity members wore blackface to party

the latest racism from a university


University of Florida fraternity has drawn sharp criticism this week after two members darkened their skin and went to a fraternity party dressed in a style meant to represent African Americans.

On Thursday and Friday, social media sites were abuzz with news of the event as students and others passed around a photo showing two Beta Theta Pi members wearing “blackface” and donning thick gold chains, baseball caps and pants that hang so low they show their boxer shorts.

The theme of Wednesday night’s Halloween party, which was held off campus, was “Rock-stars and Rappers.”

Officials from the university and Beta Theta Pi’s national headquarters expressed disappointment on Friday. UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said administrators will hold a town hall Thursday about the issue and its effect on the Gainesville campus of almost 50,000 students.

“We recognize that what they did is hurtful and perpetuates racist stereotypes of African Americans,” Sikes said. “We work very hard to create a welcoming environment for all of our students regardless of race or ethnic background.”

Blackface, a form of theatrical makeup, was used for decades to demean blacks by representing them as caricatures.

“We are outraged about it,” said Stevenson Chery, a senior at UF who’s from Orlando and a former president of UF’s Haitian student organization. “Students should know that this is wrong.”

The fraternity’s president, Ethan McMahon, issued a public apology Friday for the actions of the two members.

“While their actions were not intended with any malice or ill-will to any members of our community, clearly they were offensive …,” McMahon wrote in a prepared statement. “Our brothers’ actions were wrong — as was the inaction of our other chapter members for not stopping it — and we are truly, truly sorry.”