Upcoming Racist Movie: “Cloud Atlas”(Boycott racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess)

Just watched the 5 minutes and 41 seconds confusing  trailer     racist actor Jim Sturgess is made to look east Asian which is Yellowface. This Jim Sturgess was one of the actors in the whitewashed 21 movie which is based on a story of Asians playing at a casino in Las Vegas. Jim portrayed the lead who is Asian in the orginal story. It seems like Jim enjoy playing the role of Asians in movies, expect to see this racist  asshole in future Hollywood racist, yellowface and whitewashing movies.  All the East Asian female characters are all clones or look a likes or have the same face. one of them become a love interest with the racist Jim Sturgess in yellow face.

Racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess in yellowface

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Racist Movie: “Cloud Atlas”(Boycott racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess)

  1. Have ya read the Book???It’s essential for ALL the actors in this particular story to Blend into other characters.ie Asian actors playing White,Black actors playing White. White playing Asian. I am of American Indian descentif there were Whites playing Native Americans,I would not be offended,it’s a role.I do not believe any of the people involved in this production are racist.I think you have a bit of ax to grind. Thats my opinion.

      • I feel that the reincarnation theme in the book,opens casting for other nationalties to play different races and genders.I am looking forward to seeing this film.It makes me think about alot of different themes,ideas,and beliefs. We agree to disagree.

    • Spoken like a whitewashed minority. Just because you don’t think there are racist influences at work here doesn’t mean there isn’t. Voice your opinion to any talented and qualified American Indian actor who auditions for a role that is eventually awarded to a white dude. Or perhaps you justify it by saying that there were no talented Indian actors available. Hahaha!!

      I think the level of stupidity on the part of the director/producer will set a bad precedence. We already have distinct lack of positive roles for Asian (or Indian if you care) in Hollywood. Now Hollywood can apply some make up and pull the eyes back and you can cast Robert Pattinson for any roll you might need an Asian to play.

    • Hollywood has done traditional slanting eye of White guy appear as Asian male. They did it again. Why not just hire Asian actor to play asian guy?
      Plain simply but they don’t want it cuz they like the traditional way of fix
      white guy in Asian-face. In this film, the white guy in Asian-face looks like
      alien creature!

  2. Agreed. This movie will be way too long, souless and the premise of dressing up people to look like other races (in an effort to explain the concept of reincarnation) is cheap, stupid and won’t work. I’m mean look at that screenshot?!? Can you really take him seriously as an Asian man? If this was comedy than I might watch it.

  3. Shallow minded poster! Insecure person I guess… I am an Asian but I understand why are they tackling on such matter… Think or read the book if your mind cannot have its own understanding

    admin: you you are banned anybody here supporting racist hollywood have no voice here

  4. You, sir, are being racist yourself. You are quick to decide that Asians are yellow faced. I am Asian, yet I have well-tanned skin. put your cause to where it needs to be. or just accept that there is a little racist in all of us.

    admin: why is that racist white assholes like to cry racism when a minority callout racism from whites i am making a new comment policy anybody white or whitewashed selout calling me a racist or anti-white for exposing white supremacy will no longer have a voice here I don’t make this blog for you racist and your whitewashed slaves to come up here and try the reverse racist bullshit!

  5. Is Doona Bae racist for portraying a european/american? Just saying. There’s nothing inherently racist in the movie, thematically speaking. Just saying. Go ahead and ban me. I care not. (I am Asian American btw).

    • I care not if you are Asian or not. But the point is Hollywood has done this
      before, not the first time they fixed white guy eyes to appear as Asian. This is the same Hollywood’s white racism since 1940’s they carried against Asian as well as American Indian (White guy played Indian roles)
      But Asian female appeared as White has hardly done before, so this is first
      time I see…

  6. I am sorry but you are just incredibly stupid person. So when asian actress played british lady, hollywood actually insulted english people? I think you re racist. You need help.

  7. I’m Asian, and i’m ashamed that this blog owner is so racist. your existence is an embarrassment.

    angloamericanwatchdog my ass!

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