Upcoming Racist Movie: “Cloud Atlas”(Boycott racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess)

Just watched the 5 minutes and 41 seconds confusing  trailer     racist actor Jim Sturgess is made to look east Asian which is Yellowface. This Jim Sturgess was one of the actors in the whitewashed 21 movie which is based on a story of Asians playing at a casino in Las Vegas. Jim portrayed the lead who is Asian in the orginal story. It seems like Jim enjoy playing the role of Asians in movies, expect to see this racist  asshole in future Hollywood racist, yellowface and whitewashing movies.  All the East Asian female characters are all clones or look a likes or have the same face. one of them become a love interest with the racist Jim Sturgess in yellow face.

Racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess in yellowface

JESUS? The Empty Cross -The hidden truth about the origin of the Jesus story.


earphones needed to watch the volume is low



Who really wrote the New Testament? Why do the gospels conflict on basic elements of the Jesus tale? Why does the Jesus tale have so much in common with previous savior gods we know are mythical? Who created the mythical Jesus, and who decided to turn Jesus into an “Historical Figure?” Based on the most contemporary research, “The Empty Cross: Why Jesus Didn’t Exist” answers all these questions and more.

No Historical Evidence

Just a sampling of the many historical errors and incredibilities contained in the New Testament.

The Real Jesus

Reveals both the true origin of Christianity and how the Jesus Tale was derived from earlier myths.

Many Gods in Israel

Despite what the Bible and religious authorities prefer us to believe, the people of Israel originally worshipped a pantheon of gods. The evolution to monotheism (singling out one of these gods, Yahweh, for sole worship) is traced from its inception.

Timeline To a Historical Jesus

How the emerging “Christ Schools” were affected by the Diaspora and a conflict between two Jewish sects over which of them would produce the Messiah, leading to the creation of a mythical Jesus. . . and, finally, revealing the secret of who decided to change Jesus into an historical figure!