50 Cent Sued For Plagiarism

just another normal day in the rip off Anglo-American shit music industry


Rapper 50 Cent is being sued for knowingly sampling a riff without permission.

The star released the track for free a few years ago, thinking that he would be immune to legal dispute if he didn’t make any money from it, according to TMZ.

However, Robert Poindexter of The Persuaders is filing a lawsuit regardless, after his band’s song ‘Love Gonna Pack Up And Walk Out’ was used on his song called ‘Redrum’.

He says in the suit: “Fifty Cents [sic] has not denied the infringement, but appears to be basing his defense solely on a frivolous and immaterial claim that the illegal version is not being commercially exploited, but is given away for free.”

He is allegedly suing for $600,000 for punitive damages, plus interest.



Honor student Brittany Rowley claims she was roughed up cops in Brooklyn in case of mistaken identity

Exclusive: Father says daughter was racially profiled after police thought she matched description of shoplifter

A black teen honor student at an all-girl Catholic high school claims she was roughed up by plainclothes NYPD cops who thought she matched the description of a shoplifting suspect, the Daily News has learned.

Police later realized Brittany Rowley didn’t commit the crime — but she is still haunted by the nightmare she experienced on a Park Slope street and the three hours spent handcuffed to a bench in a police stationhouse.

“It was terrifying,” Rowley, 15, said in an exclusive interview. “It is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced.”

Her father said hes outraged by the incident and on Tuesday filed notice of a $5.5 million lawsuit against the city and Sgt. Jonathan Catanzaro and Officer Stephen Nakao of the 78th Precinct. The court papers allege false arrest and excessive force, including that the sergeant slammed Rowley to the pavement and flung his keys at her.

“I feel my daughter was racially profiled,” Delmus Rowley said.

“They had no proof, just a description of a black young lady with braids,” he added. “It wasn’t necessary to tackle a 15-year-old girl. It was excessive.”

There is no dispute that two black teen girls shoplifted shorts and jeans from Rivet, a clothing store on Seventh Ave., last Friday around 3:30 p.m. A description of the suspects was broadcast by police at 3:44 p.m. — two female black teens, dark hair, one had a ponytail, police said.

Catanzaro and Nakao were patrolling in an umarked car when they spotted Rowley and a friend walking on Prospect Park West. Rowley had braided hair extensions tied together.

Rowley, a freshman at St. Saviour High School, and her friend were going to the library when she noticed a vehicle trailing them.

The accounts diverge at this point. Rowley said the car suddenly reversed and a male yelled, “Get them!” The cops claim they said, “Excuse me ladies,” with their badges out.

Rowley and her friend ran. “I thought we were being abducted,” Rowley said.

Catanzaro tackled Rowley and threw her to the ground. He threw his keys, she said, hitting her leg. She recalled him saying, “Why did you f—— run? I should punch you.”

She claims Catanzaro yanked her up, whipsawing her neck. She says police also snapped on cuffs, causing bruises. Her friend returned and was collared too.

An NYPD official insists the incident was good police work, noting that Catanzaro obtained surveillance tape from the clothing boutique that exonerated Rowley, even after the store manager identified her as the suspect.

“But for him viewing the videotape, the young lady would still be in custody,” said Inspector Kim Royster, an NYPD spokeswoman.

The Rowleys’ lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, said the arrest shows the growing concern civil rights advocates have with the NYPD’s crimefighting tactics.

“It is not a surprise that parents fear more that their children will suffer violence at the hands of the police than from common criminals,” Rubenstein said.

Racist Mob, Incited by Israeli Leaders, Attacks African Refugees in Tel Aviv

An Israeli mob in Tel Aviv burns garbage and sings, “The people want the Africans to be burned.”



Southern Tel Aviv is home to a number of blighted and struggling neighborhoods – areas where Israel’s income inequalities and economic disparities are acutely on display in the shadow of the city’s high rises. And it is here – in the neighborhood of Shapira – where large numbers of African refugees and asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea have sought shelter from forces much more dire than poverty.

On Wednesday evening, that shelter was shattered by a 1,000-strong protest which turned violent and, ultimately, into a race riot targeting those seeking relief from violence.

How did this happen?


The short answer begins by examining the protest, which was organized by Likud activists and attended by several Knesset members, who (for obvious political reasons) stood before the masses and blamed their hardships on African refugees with incendiary catch phrases.

Addressing the “infiltration problem,” Knesset Member Miri Regev (Likud) criticized the Israeli government for not sending the African refugees from whence they came, calling them “a cancer in our body.” Danny Danon (Likud) followed up his incendiary speech by posting on Facebook, “Israel is at war. An enemy state of infiltrators was established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv.” And Michael Ben-Ari, a former member of the racist Kach party, incited the crowd by tapping both into their economic despair and xenophobia, warning them that the Africans would take all available jobs and leave everyone else with nothing.

A woman with a shirt that reads, “Death to the Sudanese.” Photo by Tomer Neuberg.

The crowd, already gathered to vent their rage, in part, at the African community – blaming them for a rise in crime and the theft of opportunity – suddenly turned violent and streamed into the Shapira neighborhood, attacking Africans on the street, in cars, smashing storefronts belonging to migrants and vandalizing shops.

Eritrean refugees react moments after their shop was attacked by an angry mob.

“A mother with her baby cries minutes after she was attacked by a mob, with the baby thrown to the ground, following a protest against African refugees and asylum seekers in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood.” – caption by Activestills

The violence and rampaging through Shapira happened spontaneously, as though a tinder box had suddenly been set alight by a flint’s sparking surface. And Israeli parliamentarians are to blame for creating that spark, for setting alight a crowd already on the edge of combustion.

Regarding the refugee community in Israel targeted last night, Noam Sheizaf writes:

According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there are presently some 60,000 African asylum seekers in Israel. Most entered the country by foot through its southern border. While they are termed “infiltrators” by the government, some 85 percent are from Eritrea and Sudan, to which Israel has agreed until now not to return them in light of the situations in those countries. They fall under a form of group protection from deportation, but their individual refugee claims are not processed.

A few recent crimes against Israelis that were linked to the African community have recently received considerable attention in the local media. They led to a wave of protest and declarations by politicians against the refugees and asylum seekers. MK Ofir Akunis, a member of Likud and a Netanyahu proxy, is set to promote a Knesset bill which will criminalize Israelis who employ, drive or give shelter to refugees.

Aside from a deeply-rooted racism that exists within segments of Israeli society, last night’s race riot occurred because of corrupt economic policies and the rising gap between the rich and poor in Israel – a situation which has left many teetering on the economic precipice. The root cause of what occurred last night is partially the same root social justice activists targeted last summer when they crippled Tel Aviv, chanting, “The people demand social justice.”

Last night, poverty-stricken Israelis focused their rage (and racism) on a community of dark-skinned scapegoats. And several Israeli leaders were only too happy to help an angry mob push them off the cliff.