Justin beiber copied N Sync

the second time this week  another Anglo-American hack accused of copying  another artist.

Talk about a blast from the past! From the girls, to the dancing and even the clothes– there’s no denying that Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” music video was influenced by *NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” video from 2002. And we absolutely LOVE that.

As an *NSYNC girl now turned Belieber (still a syncer at heart), I absolutely loved the similarity between Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” video and *NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” video — with Justin Timberlake as the main guy.

Both videos are set in a parking lot filled with attractive women and cool cars. Everyone is dancing, listening to music and just having a good time. One difference is “Boyfriend” is during the day — and “Girlfriend” is at night. Also, Justin Bieber doesn’t have four more beliebers dancing on top of cars with him. But aside from that, it’s all eerily familiar.

The main lady in “Girlfriend” looks a lot like the one in “Boyfriend.” In fact, all the girls in both videos look and are dressed the same way: a mix of crop tops, jeans, and leather duds. Ten years later and not much has changed!  Also, the boys in both videos do dangerous donuts in their cars and give cute, affectionate nose kisses to their leading ladies. Hmm!

Not to mention they’re very similar as people, too.  Their names are Justin, they both like brunettes, they have two songs that are similarly named (“Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend”), and now they have two music videos that look like they were shot on the same day.

But reportedly this obvious resemblance was totally mistaken. Justin Bieber said that he’s never even seen *NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” in an an interview on May 2.

And the final director of the film told MTV that he just wanted to show Justin having fun.

“It was just cars and the simplicity that they liked. Cars, girls, just young people hanging out, having fun, that kind of thing. When I heard it, I thought that’s what it should be,” Director X told MTV.

But I think this video came as a total shock to fans! The videos Justin teased of him moon-walking and being clawed at by dozens of women were very Michael Jackson-esque. Nothing like the *NYSYNC resemblance we saw last night! This change in direction apparently came when the original “Boyfriend” director, Colin Tilley, was canned from the project, according to Idolator.com.

The reasoning is unknown, but some have speculated that it’s because the first version was too mature for Justin’s audience.

Either way, I think having the “Girlfriend” influence was totally perfect for fans of all ages — like me, a dinosaur from the *NSYNC days.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think “Boyfriend” is similar to “Girlfriend”? Vote and watch the videos below.

Justin Beiber – Boyfriend

N Sync- Girlfriend

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The Bible’s Buried Secrets episode 3: The Garden of Eden


Can we find the Garden of Eden? Bible scholar Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou thinks so. In the final episode of her series re-examining conventional readings of the Bible, she argues that the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with the origins of humanity, but is rather a story concealing dramatic events about a particular figure in a particular place, two and half thousand years ago.

Marshalling compelling evidence from archaeology, Islam and the Bible text itself, she identifies and visits the exact site of Eden.

It’s a revolutionary theory which challenges some of the most cherished preconceptions about Eden in both Christianity and western culture.

Jeremiah Camara ( Manila 2012 )

Jeremiah Camara, who was once a member of the largest black churches in Ohio, speaks to Filipinos about the perils of supernaturalism and blind belief and how African-Americans have been theologically conditioned to rely on divine intervention to solve their problems

Jeremiah Camara is the author of the books Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress? and The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks, and Blind Belief.

For more info about Jeremiah, please visit http://slavesermons.com/

Produced by the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society http://patas.co