National Review Writer Pens Racist Screed: ‘Avoid Concentrations Of Blacks,’ ‘Stay Out Of’ Their Neighborhoods

Conservative columnist writes piece urging parents of ‘nonblack’ children to shield kids from contact with black Americans

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The conservative columnist and author John Derbyshire has prompted outrage after penning an article in which he urges white and Asian parents to tell their children to avoid contact with black Americans they do not know.

In the piece, which Derbyshire wrote for Taki’s Magazine, a self-styled “libertarian fanzine” run by controversial right-wing Greek socialite Taki Theodoracopulos, he suggests the outline of a “talk” that all such parents should give their children.

He suggests that they do not attend events where black Americans may be present in large numbers, avoid black neighbourhoods and do not be a “good Samaritan” to black people who appear in distress.

Derbyshire added: “If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.” He also suggested not living in an area run by black politicians. “If you are white or Asian and have kids, you owe it to them to give them some version of the talk. It will save them a lot of time and trouble spent figuring things out for themselves. It may save their lives,” he concluded.

The piece, a response to a number of articles written in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case about “the talk” that black parents give to their children on how to survive racism in America, unsurprisingly prompted fury.

“Once in a while, I read something and think: Please, Lord, tell me that this is a joke. Please, please tell me that a human being did not actually think these things and, worse yet, think to write them down,” wrote the New York Daily News writer Alexander Nazaryan.

Nazaryan suggested the piece would play into the ugly racial politics already present in an American news cycle still dominated by the shooting of Martin, an unarmed teenager who was walking home from a 7-Eleven store in Sanford, Florida. “Is this really the best time to run such a piece, even in jest? I am not talking about sensitivity, but just ordinary human decency, the kind that conservatives are always claiming has been drained from contemporary society,” Nazaryan wrote.

New York Observer writer Drew Grant appeared unsure how serious the story was. “It’s … well … bold, we guess you can say,” she wrote. But some commenters and Twitter members on the internet were in no doubt as to its sincerity. While the piece generated many statements of support on Taki’s Magazine, many of then openly racist, others condemned it. “Wow, you sure do hate black people but you’re an idiot so you probably can’t help it,” wrote one. “This might be the most peculiar piece of journalism I’ve ever read,” said Twitter user Helen Lewis.

“One of the most disgusting rants I have ever read,” said user Michael Demmons.

Derbyshire, who has written numerous books as well as regular columns for the National Review, has previously courted controversy with his theories that economic and educational disparities between races have a biological origin. In 2010 he gave a speech to a black student legal group at the University of Pennsylvania where he outlined his beliefs to his black audience. “Those differences are facts in the natural world, like the orbits of the planets. They can’t be legislated out of existence; nor can they be “eliminated” by social or political action,” the British-born writer said at the time.

On Twitter some users were sending open messages to the National Review asking the influential conservative publication to condemn Derbyshire. “Why are you associated with a guy who writes something this appallingly racist?” asked Twitter user Jon Henke.

Germany is the second European country to ban Press TV

Britain strip Press TV of their license. Germany is now censoring and banning Press TV




Post-democracy: Press TV banned in Germany

Voltaire Network | 6 April 2012

It was through a simple email sent to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) officials that the Media Regulatory Office (MHA) based in Munich notified of the decision to remove the Iranian English-speaking channel Press TV from German airwaves.

The authority has claimed that Iran’s English-speaking channel does not have a license for broadcast in Europe.

This shutdown comes after Press TV was banned in Great Britain in January 2012 by Ofcom, the government-approved media regulatory authority. [1]

On its part, the channel believes the decision is part of a strategy by Westerners to silence an inconvenient voice.

Press TV drew the attention of the UK public in particular for its coverage of the Occupy protest movement in the United States and Britain, as well as for offering viewers a different perspective on the offensive launched against Libya or Syria.

Voltaire Network recalls that freedom of expression is a prerequisite for any democracy. It can only be restricted by law. Now, in this case, censorship does not stem from a court ruling following the commission of crimes or offenses, but from a simple administrative decision of an obvious political nature.

The Lebanese news channel Al-Manar was taken off the air in a similar manner, first in France, then in all Western states [2] At the time, Al-Manar had been accused of broadcasting an anti-Semitic program, but the examining magistrate never succeeded in establishing the charge and the case was not pursued. Ultimately, it was the Conseil d’Etat (i.e. the administrative court, not criminal court) which banned the channel alleging reasons of public order disturbances in connection with the controversy sparked by the accusation of antisemitism, in spite of the fact that it could never be substantiated.

Successive administrative bans in Europe, over the last six years, of Lebanese, Palestinian, Libyan, Syrian and Iranian news channels illustrate the inability of the European Union to address the issue other than to resort to censorship and propaganda and by forsaking the most basic principles of democracy.

Such administrative bans slammed on Middle East television channels clearly aim to prevent EU citizens from gaining a different perspective on the conflicts in this region, even though wars are being contemplated in which Europeans would be brought in. In this sense, such measures are in breach of resolutions 381 [3] and 819 [4] of the United Nations General Assembly, which make it mandatory for Member States to “remove barriers that prevent peoples the free exchange of information and of ideas essential to understanding and international peace. ”

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Under pressure from the German government, Munich media regulatory office (BLM) has made an illegal decision to remove Iran’s international English Channel, Press TV, from SES Astra at 19:00 local time on Tuesday.

In an email sent to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) officials, Vice President of the SES Platforms Services, Stephane Goebel, noted that the BLM has asked Press TV be immediately removed from the platform.

The authority has claimed that Iran’s English-speaking channel does not have a license for broadcast in Europe.

“BLM has…sent us an official request to immediately seize the service of the above-mentioned channel [Press TV],” Goebel noted.

Regretting the decision, Goebel added that his company “will be no longer able to keep the Press TV signal on air and will need to shut down the service without further notice.”

The move is clearly part of a plot orchestrated by the West to silence the voice of the Iranian English-language channel.


The Bible Unearthed 4. The Book


the final part of the Bible Unearthed series.  This final episode show that the Ancestors of the Israelites are Canaanites. The ancestors of the Israelites settled in the central hills of Canaan after the city state systems collapsed at the end of the bronze age.  Judaism slowly emerged among these settlers in the hills.



stay tunes for more stuff that the rabbis, priests, pastors, bishops, deacons and the imams won’t tell you