London, Ont. rocked by St. Patrick’s Day riot near Fanshawe College

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mostly privileged drunk whites rioting for fun!

Beer bottles, bricks and other debris rained down on police and firefighters in London, Ont., Saturday when St. Patrick’s Day celebrations turned ugly.

London police Chief Bradley Duncan, speaking to reporters Sunday, said he had never seen the level of violence and vandalism that he did Saturday night in his more than three decades on the police force.

“Last night, London experienced the worst case of civil disobedience our community has ever been subjected to,” Duncan said.

He said there was a very real risk that people could have been seriously injured, and even killed, after partygoers turned to setting fires and throwing bottles, stones and two-by-fours at police and firefighters.

Burns and other “soft tissue” injuries were instead reported, according to the chief.

Seven people were arrested Saturday in connection with the rioting, which caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to the street and vehicles.

Duncan urged anyone else involved in the drunken mob should “do the right thing” and turn themselves into police.

The area where the rioting took place is teeming with students who attend nearby Fanshawe College.

Duncan said the street parties were expected, but spiralled out of control after police and the fire department were called about a brush fire around 10 p.m.

“London Fire Department (arrived) and were almost immediately confronted with numerous persons throwing bottles and bricks at the firefighters and fire vehicles,” Duncan said.

Police then had be brought in, with reinforcements, to escort the firefighters out of the area and they too were met with violence from the mob, the chief said.

Police then had to don their helmets to prevent injury from the flying bottles and other debris.

According to Duncan, about 1,000 people were in the crowd Sunday and police had to attend to the scene until the wee hours of the morning.

“Police vehicles were pounded with two-by-fours, bricks, tire rims and other various items,” Duncan told reporters, resulting in 17 police vehicles being damaged.

“Smoke canisters” were needed to clear out part of the crowd, just so police vehicles could retreat from the area, he added.

By 11 p.m., police declared the gathering an “unlawful assembly” and told the now-rioters to disperse — orders that had little effect, despite repeated warnings.

All of the police cars and other vehicles were removed from the area, but rioters were able to flip a CTV News van and set it on fire. A video posted to YouTube shows the truck ablaze and later exploding.

Rather than send more firefighters into the raging mob, officials determined there was no imminent danger to properties in the area and held back crews from entering.

London mayor Joe Fontana said the city didn’t deserve the rampant disregard for the city and the public.

“To say I am disappointed and disgusted would be an understatement,” Fontana said.

The mayor called the police and firefighters’ efforts “valiant” in the face of the violence.

“There’s no doubt that when you hear that 800, 900, 1,000 people weren’t fighting among each other,” Fontana said. “(They) essentially directed their attack on the very people who serve our community to protect property and to protect lives.

“We are really, really lucky — we can thank our lucky stars — that nobody was killed.”

related news and events where whites start riots for fun and alcohol

“This kind of thing happens all the time, with little comment from the larger society. Since 1995 alone, there have been riots involving white college students at Colorado University in Boulder, Iowa State, Penn State, the Universities of Wisconsin at Whitewater and Oshkosh, Southern Illinois University, the University of Delaware, Michigan State, Washington State, the University of Akron and the University of New Hampshire. And for what reason did these students decide to burn, loot and destroy? Either because of the results of a football game, or because of a crackdown on underage drinking. So here I sit, patiently waiting for Charles Murray to explain to me with scientific precision what it is about white folks’ DNA that makes them riot for the sake of $1 tequila shots.”

from The Kids are All White: Riots, Pathology and the Real Meaning of Color-Blindness by Tim Wise

Young, white males

Jerry M. Lewis, professor emeritus at Kent State University and a sociologist specializing in fan violence, said the recent riot in Boston bore most of the hallmarks of the newest college fad. Lewis has found that generally today’s rioters are usually young, white males — and that they are more likely to riot when their team wins, not when it loses.

“A small portion of young, white males is choosing to express their fandom in violent ways,” he said, noting that the violence usually lasts a matter of hours.

That stands in stark contrast to American riots of years past that usually lasted several days and typically concerned politics or social justice.

These days, college student-rioters usually have enough alcohol in their systems to overcome their inhibitions, but not so much that they are falling-down drunk, Lewis said.

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and the recent Penn State riots were also made up of a bunch of  privileged white males rioting over the firing of a football coach who failed to contact police over allegations of child abuse. This is the same poor excuse of a University that did nothing when Black Students facing death threats.

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